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 Scholar - Research Branch

The Scholar within the prestigious Research Branch is a pinnacle of achievement, given exclusively to individuals who have soared to the heights of Mentorship via unshakable dedication, unrelenting hard work, and a profound display of extraordinary skills. Scholars are the chosen ones, a select group whose characteristics and accomplishments distinguish them as the pinnacle of intellectual excellence.

How to Unlock Scholar Rank

The Scholar rank can be unlocked after acquiring Mentor Ranks or Researcher Achivement. To unlock novice achievement, acquire points as a supporter

  • Sign up at Research Branch (Earn 3 Points one time)
  • Daily Login (Earn 3 Points Daily)
  • Daily Website visit
  • Post a comment at a post
  • Answer at forum
  • Publish a Listing

and so many other ways to earn points.

Scholars  Characteristics

Scholars possess an instinctive urge to research, and thoroughly analyse details, and they are continually propelled by an insatiable curiosity that propels their quest for knowledge.

Research Expertise

A Scholar is defined by their mastery of the art of research—the ability to explore complex subjects, unravel complexities, and contribute deep insights to the intellectual conversation.


Scholars have a great analytical acumen, capable of detecting patterns, establishing connections, and providing nuanced perspectives on complicated situations in their field of expertise.


Beyond personal achievements, Scholars actively participate in leadership and mentorship positions, guiding and encouraging others in their quest of knowledge.

The Road to Scholarly Eminence

Individuals must have already attained the prestigious rank of Mentor to demonstrate their dedication to research excellence. The path to scholarly eminence involves the following steps:

Publishing Excellence

Scholars have a sustained record of releasing high-quality work that adds considerably to the intellectual wealth of the Research Branch.


Scholars continue to improve the quality of discourse in the research community by actively participating in conversations, supporting collaborative learning, and providing valuable content.

Mastery of Content Creation

Scholars who are already adept in content creation enhance their skills further, ensuring that their contributions serve as beacons of knowledge and inspiration for others.

Exemplary Reviewer

Individuals are recognised as Scholars for their position as exemplary reviewers, making thoughtful critiques that improve the work.

The Insatiable Pursuit

Scholars are distinguished by an unremitting desire to ascend the intellectual ladder, to conquer new heights in the never-ending quest for exploration. As they attempt to uncover the mysteries of their chosen areas, their voracity in research and discovery sets the tone for others to follow.

In essence, the Scholar rank marks the pinnacle of scholarly excellence within the Research Branch—a monument to one's unwavering dedication, intellectual prowess, and impactful contributions to knowledge growth.





 Mentor - Research Branch

The Mentor within the prestigious Research Branch is a pinnacle achievement that can be obtained only through steadfast dedication, unwavering hard work, and a profound demonstration of remarkable skills. Achieving the title of Mentor, which is reserved for the truly deserving, necessitates not just a profound passion for exploration but also an instinctive drive to dive into the intricate realms of research and analysis.

Individuals must master specific traits to get to the prestigious post of Mentor, distinguishing themselves as paragons of wisdom and insight. Only those who have demonstrated a commitment to the pursuit of excellence will be granted this prestigious position.

How to Unlock Mentor Rank

The Mentor rank can be unlocked after acquiring researcher achievement. To unlock novice achievement, acquire points as a supporter

  • Sign up at Research Branch (Earn 3 Points one time)
  • Daily Login (Earn 3 Points Daily)
  • Daily Website visit
  • Post a comment at a post
  • Answer at forum
  • Publish a Listing

and so many other ways to earn points. Thereafter, you  may aim for Scholar rank.

Attributes for Mentor Status

Innate Curiosity

A Mentor is driven by an insatiable desire to learn new things and explore undiscovered territory in their area.

Research Mastery

Mastery of the art of research is a prerequisite for those aspiring to the rank. A real Mentor has the ability to carefully explore, analyse, and synthesise knowledge.

Analytics Acumen

Mentors have an analytical mind that is capable of spotting patterns, establishing connections, and generating insightful insights from complex statistics.

Communication abilities

Effective communication is essential. Mentors excel not just in information acquisition, but also in the ability of communicating their findings with clarity and precision and presenting it.

Mentorship Route

Individuals must have accomplished a number of outstanding achievements within the Research Branch before embarking on the Mentorship journey. Among these accomplishments are:


A Mentor-in-Waiting distinguishes themselves by consistently publishing insightful information, considerably contributing to the intellectual wealth of the community.


Active engagement in posts, conversations, and content production demonstrates a commitment to collaborative learning and the sharing of useful insights.

Mastery of Content Creation

Potential Mentors who are masters of their profession display skill in providing interesting and informative content that benefits the research community.

Critical Reviewer

A Mentor candidate stands out as a critical thinker, offering meaningful and constructive feedback that improves the level of debate within the Research Branch.


In essence, the Mentor rank is the embodiment of research excellence, setting the standard for others to follow. Obtaining this esteemed position demonstrates one's dedication to the quest of knowledge and the growth of the Research Branch's collective understanding.


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