Smart Devices for Smart Homes

Best Smart Devices for Smart Homes

As we know it today, the world will surely turn into something much more technologically advanced in the future. A great example of this is the growing trend of smart homes. People are readily upgrading their standard houses to smart ones, ensuring a much better and more convenient life. Smart homes ensure easier access to different features, more security, reduced bills, and everything you can think of as a ‘smart way to live a life.

But you might be wondering how exactly you can turn your standard house into a smart home? Do you have to buy a new house? Must you spend a fortune to do this? The answer is: No. You can easily upgrade your house to a smart one by buying a few gadgets. That’s it. We’re here to tell you about which gadgets you must have in your smart home to make your life easier and fuller.

Smart Devices for Smart Homes:

The devices that you must have in your smart homes are:

  • Smart light bulbs
  • Smart speakers
  • Smart smoke detectors
  • Smart plug
  • CCTV camera
  • Smart lock


Smart Light Bulbs:

Smart light bulbs are a must to have in all smart homes. Not only do they have excellent features, but they also give you peace of mind and a great customization option.

The Features:

Smart light bulbs have the following features

Light Intensity:

Smart light bulbs give you the authority to control the light intensity of the bulbs. With this, you can dim or brighten the lights as per your desires. It is specifically helpful for people easily irritated by bright lights as they can easily dim the lights to their desired level. Also, this is ideal for gatherings and parties, where lights can help set the mood.

Light Color:

The smart light bulbs can have different colors as per what you want. Most smart lights have an RGB color set and can change colors. These colors can also be dimmed and brightened, making them ideal for whatever aesthetic you’re looking for.

Light On/Off Control:

The on/off control of smart light bulbs takes the game to another level. Smart lights have a voice command system, meaning you can turn the lights on and off by just saying so. Furthermore, You can also control the lights through your phone, meaning you can be far away from your home but still turn the lights on and off.

Smart Light App:

The smart light bulbs usually come with an app, giving you amazing features. For example, you can get timers for lights, making it easier to control them in any way you want. You can also see the energy consummation of the lights and then manage the lights accordingly to decrease your electricity bill.

Smart Speaker:

The next thing you must have in your smart home is smart speakers. These aren’t just ordinary speakers; instead, they pack a whole another world in them.

The Features:

Invest in good smart speakers, and you will get the following features:

Easier Task Completion:

With smart speakers, you can carry out many of your tasks with ease. You can do almost all your mobile functions by just saying the word. From answering calls to set up reminders, from the latest news to the oldest song, you can easily find anything by just asking the speaker to do it.

Voice Control:

Voice control is the main reason why smart speakers have become so popular recently. The voice command enables you to talk to the speaker and command it to carry out your tasks, which it does with ease. You can say what you want to do, and voice control will do it.

AI Interference:

The AI interference used in smart speakers is why you can easily do all of your tasks by just saying so. There are many different types of AI assistants like Google, Alexa, and Siri, etc. You can choose the speakers compatible with whichever assistant you prefer and can lead a much easier life.

Good Sound Quality:

It won’t be a smart speaker if the sound quality is bad. So, smart speakers also give you great sound quality, making it easier for you to listen to whatever you were looking for and getting a much fuller experience. You can even pair up two smart speakers to get a great stereo effect, enhancing the experience.

Smart Smoke Detectors:

A smart home is a safe home. As fire incidents can easily happen to anyone, You must have smart smoke detectors in your home to ensure the safety of yourself and your family.

The Features:

Intelligent smoke detectors come with the following great features:

Smartphone Alerts:

Unlike the traditional smoke alarms, smart smoke detectors send you alerts on your smartphone in case a fire breaks out. Smartphone alert helps you know there is a fire or something is burning if you are not in your home.

Location Alerts:

The smart smoke detectors tell you exactly where the smoke was detected. It is very useful, especially if you live in a big house. Location alert makes it easier to locate the source of the smoke and take the necessary measures.

No Hard Wiring Needed:

A great thing about smart smoke detectors is that they don’t need any complicated wiring. Most of them work on long-lasting batteries or wi-fi and thus, are easier to install or replace. Smart working takes away the tension of dealing with complex hardwiring if ever the detector is to be changed

Less False Alarms:

You can set smart smoke detectors to ignore smoke from the kitchen, meaning you can peacefully cook your food without worrying about the smoke detector going off after every five minutes.

More than mere Smoke Detection:

Most smart smoke detectors detect smoke and Carbon Monoxide, a highly toxic gas that is released during combustion. Carbon Monoxide is highly combustible and can also cause cancer, thus making it an absolute necessity to have a detector in a home to tell you if such a dangerous gas is being released from somewhere in your house.

Smart Plugs:

The fourth device you must have in your smart home is a smart plug, or two, or as many as you want. They bring up a new experience and make your day-to-day life much easier to manage.

The Features:

Investing in smart plugs is worth it because you get the following amazing features:

Connect Different Appliances:

With a smart plug, you can connect different appliances to a single port. It means that you can have multiple ports to connect multiple devices while using a single plug. Not only is this a great idea for saving space, but it also gives you control of multiple devices with a single click.

Remote Control of Appliances:

Smart plugs give you the option of controlling the connected devices through your phone, meaning that you can be away from the plug or even from your house but can still control the devices if you have a wi-fi connection.


You can reduce the vampire power through smart plugs. Vampire power is the energy consumed by devices on standby. When multiple devices are connected to a smart plug, you can easily turn them off through your phone and reduce the vampire power, which is 10% of your electricity bill

Scheduling Appliances:

With smart plugs, you can schedule when you want appliances to turn on/off through your phone. Smart management makes it easier to manage appliances, especially when you are away from home or heading out in a rush. Also useful for when you have guests coming over, and you want your house to be comfortable.

CCTV Cameras:

Smart CCTV cameras are another very important smart device you must have now. They are a ten-fold improvement over the normal CCTV cameras, leveling up the security of smart homes.

The Features:

Smart CCTV cameras have a lot more to offer than normal CCTV cameras:

Night Vision:

Smart CCTV cameras are equipped with night vision, making it easier to see things at night. In addition, smart detection is useful to identify thieves or burglars since they usually try to break in the nighttime.

HD Video Recording:

Smart CCTV cameras use high megapixel cameras for recording purposes, giving a high-quality picture/video. In addition, these cameras make it easier to recognize people and identify them.

Motion Sensor:

Smart CCTV cameras have motion sensors, meaning they sense movement in their vicinity and then turn towards that movement, making your house safer

Heat Sensor:

Smart CCTV cameras also have heat sensors, helping them detect heat. All humans have natural heat to survive; it makes it easier to detect that people were near the house if they somehow weren’t/t caught on the video recorder.


Unlike old CCTV cameras, smart CCTV cameras have high resistance against various weather extremities, making them long-lasting. Moreover, it removes the worry of repair after a heavy storm or rain.

Smart lock:

The last thing that you must have in your smart home is a smart lock. A smart lock further increases security, making you feel safer and at ease.


With a smart lock, you get the following upgrades over a traditional key lock:

Built-in Cameras:

Smart locks have built-in cameras, which capture the face of people who ever pass them. This comes in handy when someone visits your home or tries to break in as the identification of the person becomes easier.

Two-Way Talk-System:

Many smart locks have a two-way talk system, where the person behind the lock can talk to the person in front of the lock. It works the same way as an intercom, making it easier for people to know outside their house.

Safety System:

Most smart locks have a high-security system and are opened with a particular pin. It is a major upgrade over the traditional locks, which many people know how to pick. Smart safety increases the security of your house.

Accessibility through your Phone:

Owners can access many smart locks through the owner’s phone. In addition, smart locks come with smart apps, giving the owner the authority to open their locks through their phone, making it easier to unlock the door even if one is away from home.

These were six smart devices you should invest in today to build your own smart home or to just give your home a tech update.

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