Blockchain Strategy Games

Top 3 Blockchain Strategy Games to Play for Free on Android

Blockchain technology continues to revolutionize various industries, the gaming sector has also embraced its potential to create immersive and decentralized gaming experiences. Android mobile users can now enjoy the strategic gameplay with secure transactions offered by blockchain technology.


Blockchain strategy games on Android mobile device offer a unique blend of strategy, ownership, and entertainment. 

In 2022, mobile games generated approximately 91.8 billion U.S. dollars in annual revenue, accounting for 50 percent of the global gaming market during the measured period. Console games were ranked second with 52.2 billion U.S. dollars in global revenue.    Statista Report

Blockchain Strategy Games

       Play-to-earn blockchain games are a ground-breaking idea in the gaming sector that let gamers earn crypto while having fun. Blockchain technology is used to build in-game economies where players can trade virtual goods with real-world value. Players can gather valuable in-game assets called Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) by taking part in various in-game activities including battles, quests, or tournaments.

Battle of Wits and Decision-Making 

       Blockchain strategy games support a thriving and quickly developing ecosystem within the blockchain gaming industry by combining strategic gameplay, ownership of digital assets, and the possibility of earning money. A new era of gaming has begun as a result of the fusion of blockchain technology and strategic games. In these games players may take part in immersive gameplay experiences and receive real benefits. Blockchain gaming has limited the control of few centralized gaming studios and has provided more autonomy to players in ownership of in-game assets. 

Top 3 Blockchain Strategy Games to Play for Free on Android


Features Download link for Android


  • Free to Play
  • Play to earn: Everyone/Every Win
  • Available for android devices
  • Playable: Anytime/Anywhere
  • 4 Rarities, 7 Stats, 7 Elements, 64+ Abilities, 500+ Cards
  • Trade: Multiple Platforms + peer-to-peer
  • Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), Splinterland’s (SPT)

         Install in Android

Axie Infinity
Axie Infinity

  • virtual world filled with cute formidable creatures known as axies. 
  • Free to Play: Free Axies to start adventure 
  • Play to Earn
  • APK available for Android users
  • with billion of genetic combinations of axies with different traits and abilities
  • Duel Currency Model: AXS, SLP

       Install in Andoird

Forest Knight
Forest Knight

  • Story driven fantasy, free to play game 
  • Cards as digital collectibles that players can own, trade and play with. 
  • Knight Token
Install in Android


     Splinterlands is an immersive card game that drives strategic thinking and is developed on Hive Blockchain. Powerful cards that represent creatures, spells, and abilities are put together into players’ decks. Players participate in turn-based combat with rivals through tactical decision-making and strategic card choosing. The Hive blockchain is used by Splinter Lands to give players the ability to genuinely own their virtual cards and exchange them on the in-game market. 

Axie Infinity

     Axie Infinity has experienced tremendous growth because of its play-to-earn business model and emphasis on strategy, Players in this game gather, breed, and fight against adorable creatures called Axies. Players strategically form teams to engage in turn-based combat since each Axie has unique skills and attributes. Blockchain technology is used by Axie Infinity to guarantee ownership and tradability of Axies and in-game assets, giving players the chance to earn bitcoin while having fun. 

 Forest Knight

      The strategy game Forest Knight immerses players in a mysterious world and is both entertaining and fascinating. As aristocratic soldiers tasked with guarding the enchanted forest and its inhabitants, gamers in this game take on the role of Forest Knights. Players set out on adventures, acquire resources, assemble allies, and fight in fierce combat against fearsome opponents using a blend of tactical battles, resource management, and strategic decision-making. Players can customize their Knights, acquire new skills, and carefully create their teams thanks to the game’s complex advancement system. Additionally incorporating blockchain technology, Forest Knight enables players to truly own their in-game items and to exchange and sell them on open markets. For fans of strategy games, Forest Knight delivers an immersive and satisfying experience with its deep narrative, strategic gameplay, and blockchain integration. Every choice is significant in the struggle to bring harmony and peace back to the enchanted forest. 

Strategy Games Eruption with Blockchain Gaming

      Strategy games stand out as a category that tests players’ intelligence, judgement, and tactical acumen. With so many different game genres competing for players’ interest, strategy mobile gaming has grown to be a significant industry. We’ll delve into the realm of mobile strategy games, evaluate them against other game genres, and examine how these games have evolved and grown in the highly competitive mobile gaming market. 

Strategy Games vs. Other Game Genres

       In contrast to other genres, strategy games provide a distinctive gameplay experience. First Person Shooting (FPS), Multi Player Online Battle Arena (MOBA), Action, puzzle, and adventure game genres excite and engage players, but strategy game genres immerse players in a world where every choice counts. To overcome obstacles and accomplish goals in strategy games, careful planning, resource management, and long-term thinking are necessary. Contrary to frantic action games or light puzzles, strategy games pit players against one another in a mind game where strategy and foresight are paramount. 

Blockchain Strategy Game Development Over Other Games

       In the world of mobile gaming, the production of strategy games has significantly increased and gained popularity. The following are some important elements that have helped strategy games become more popular and go beyond other game genres.  

Depth and Complexity of Blockchain Strategy Games

      For gamers looking for intellectual challenges, strategy games have a depth of gameplay and intricacy that appeals to them. They frequently have complex methods to master, extensive advancement systems, and elaborate mechanics. Players may immerse themselves in strategic decision-making at this depth, and they delve into a feeling of accomplishment as they successfully navigate challenging obstacles. 

Longevity and Replayability

       Strategy games frequently offer hours of gameplay, letting players delve into elaborate campaigns, participate in multiplayer combat, or compete in continuous events, in contrast to other genres that might only offer fleeting thrills. Players keep returning because of the variety of strategies, tactics, and multiplayer interactions. 

Competitive and Multiplayer Focus

       The emphasis on multiplayer interaction and competitive gaming is common in strategy games. Player versus Player (PvP) combat, alliances, or cooperative gameplay are frequently featured in these games. This competitive aspect encourages vibrant communities where players can test their methods against one another and form alliances to rule virtual worlds, which in turn increases player engagement. 

Community and Esports Potential of Blockchain Strategy Games

        The strategy game genre has the ability to create vibrant esports environments and communities. Players can now connect, participate in competitions, and watch strategy game tournaments online thanks to the growth of streaming platforms. Games like Clash Royale, Dota Underlords, and Clash of Clans have made a name for themselves as competitive esports franchises, drawing top talent and enthralling spectators everywhere. 

Mobile-Friendly Gameplay of Blockchain Strategy Games

        The mobile gaming environment has been well adapted to strategy games. They are the ideal choice for gaming on the go thanks to their simple touch controls and short playtime periods. Mobile devices’ accessibility and ease have helped strategy games become successful and popular, drawing in a large and diversified player base. 


        In the huge mobile gaming industry, mobile strategy games have carved out a niche for themselves. They provide distinctive gaming opportunities that challenge players’ intelligence, foresight, and ability to make choices. The rise and development of strategy games in the mobile gaming market have been spurred by their complexity, longevity, competitive focus, and community-driven nature. Strategy games are projected to thrive as the desire for immersive and intellectually demanding gaming experiences rises, providing players with countless opportunities to put their strategic skills to the test and engage in thrilling virtual conquests. Decide on your winning strategies, accept the challenge, delve into the exciting world of mobile strategy games. 


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