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The 21st century has been an ice-breaker for so many different disciplines, with jobs and businesses which people of the past can’t even think about. Now, not everyone goes into medicine or engineering to secure their future. Many new disciplines have risen, providing people with more job opportunities than one can imagine. One of the most popular fields of work nowadays is content writing, which has further branches. Many people wishing to pursue content writing feel lost as to which field of freelance writing they should focus on. This blogger guide will drive you through this.

That is why we prepared a quick guide to help you understand the different fields of content writing and how to make an earning in those fields. Our professionals will take you through every basic thing you need to know about different fields of content writing.

Although it might seem like a difficult task to learn about every single type of content writing, you must keep in mind that anything can be achieved through a little hard work and persistence. just how Benjamin Franklin said:

Energy and Persistence conquer all things.

If you wish to learn about blog writing, read this piece of writing.

What is Blogging?

Blog writing is a form of content writing done in a self-published manner. It involves writing, photographing, or adding media on online platforms in a self-publishing way. In short, blogging is to tell people about your thoughts, views, lifestyle, etc.

Purpose of Blogger Guide

Blog writing is usually done to tell people about your views, lifestyle, style, etc., but now, it is also used for promoting businesses or just being businesses in themselves.
It is done to let people know about your life, views, opinions, or promote things. You explain your point to the general public, hear them out, correct someone if they are wrong while making sure to reflect on the mistakes you make through guidance by other people. You also pursue the public to buy things, promote businesses, and support causes.
One of the top bloggers, Mike Butcher, describes blogging as:

What Makes Blog Writing Different?

Blogging usually includes experiences, views, thoughts, ideas, styles, lifestyles, and stories. All these things are not a part of other forms of content writing. Also, blog writing allows people to connect with the author directly. It included posting regularly and interacting with people, which is not a demand in other forms of writing. It includes freedom of expression, freedom of choice, freedom of views, and opinions. You built a community for yourself with people who are like you.

Lizz Strauss explains this in an excellent way:

Writing is thinking out loud. Blogging is thinking out loud where other folks think back.

Types of Blog Writing:

Following are a few types of blog writing:

Personal blog:

This type of blog doesn’t have a specific topic. It isn’t directed to a specific audience. Blogging includes the blogger’s thoughts, stories, and views. They attract people with the same interests as them.

Corporate blog:

This blog is the business itself. The blogger generates traffic for their products or services. The products or services attract people within related industries or likings. These are managed by corporations and are also called enterprise blogs.

Niche blog:

These blogs are focused on a specific niche. It attracts people interested or related to the niche and is more successful if the blogger has a great passion. Niche blogs’ promising fields are books, food, entertainment, sports, fashion, politics, DIY, and fitness.

Affiliate blog:

This blog is focused on products of different brands. It usually includes reviews of products or guides about how to use the products. The CTA ( Call-to-action) in these blogs is usually the link to buy the products.

Artist’s blog:

These blogs include any form of art that the blogger creates. It could be music, videos, sketches, paintings, writing, photography, etc. these also include galleries or workshops from which people can buy their art.


These blogs are usually audio, or video and are centered around either a certain topic or on general things related to a certain topic. The posts of podcasts are done in the form of episodes. Podcasts themselves are done in the form of chats, interviews, training, etc.

Top Features of Blog Writing:

When starting a blog, keep the following things in mind. A blog must have these characteristics; otherwise, it will never generate a loyal fan base, which is like a lifeline for the blog.

  • Structure:

A blog must have the right structure. Things in your blog should not be jumbled up; rather should be in a smooth flow.

  • Innovativeness:

Your blog must be innovative to strike curiosity in people.

  • Personal touch:

Your blog must have your views and thoughts. People will relate to your blog more when they learn that they share the same thoughts or habits with you.

  • Visually compelling:

Your blog must be visually compelling to people so that if a new person ever comes around your blog, they are instantly mesmerized by your blog.

  • Regular content:

You must post regularly. Keep in mind that a regular basis is not the same as a daily basis. You can take a few days to break, but leaving your blog for a long time is going to be a huge blow to your blog.

  • Interaction with the Audience:

It would be best if you interacted with the audience of your blog. Reply to audience comments, react to their suggestions, and acknowledge them. Positive interaction will boost up your blog and generate a fan base.

Do’s and Don’ts of Blog Writing:

When doing blog writing, keep these things in mind. One slip-up can easily cost you your entire hard work. Especially in today’s age, when cancel culture is prevalent, keep these things in mind when working as a blog writer. Commitment will save you from a lot of trouble:


                                   Don’t                                               Do
Ramble on without getting to the point Get to the point quickly
Be inconsistent with your content. Have a mind-map ready which drives your content in a smooth flow
Use confusing grammar Use easy and engaging vocabulary
Write in a professional tone Add a personal touch for people to relate more
Repeat ideas Think of new ways to keep your audience interested
Be gone for a long time Post regularly to keep in touch with the audience
Cut yourself off from the audience Interact with the audience
Be overconfident that everything is correct Proofread your blog before posting
Just keep posting paragraphs without any pictures Use graphics and pictures to make your blog more interesting

Importance of Blogging:

Bog writing is a means to connect with people all over the world. You can share your ideas with people and can learn about their views and opinions. Blog writing also provides a medium to learn new things as your audience can correct you if you are wrong. Business owners can also use blogging to promote businesses and services or to spread awareness among the masses. This blogger guide has revealed the importance of blogging to a great extent.

Making Money with Blog Writing:

With social media booming these days, people have been taking advantage of the vast communities of the online world to add to their business. Bloggers have also been advancing greatly with the recent increases in the social media population. A blogger can earn between $100 and $10,000 per month. More experienced bloggers can even earn up to $3000+ every month. But you have to be consistent with your work. It’s the baby steps that count.

As explained by Angi Clark:

The thing about all successful people is, they all started somewhere. They didn’t just wake up one morning with an international clothing company, a graphic design firm, a famous cupcake shop, or a blog with 50,000 readers. So make a list: What’s ONE thing I can accomplish today that will take me one step closer to my goal? Then do that one thing. Then another thing. And then another. It’s all about the baby steps.

How to Become a Blogger:

  • Creativeness: you must have creative skills to create engaging content that will attract people.
  • Time management: You must have the time to engage with your audience.
  • Niche: You must select a specific niche that you want to start blogging about. It would help if you had an area of expertise or something that you wish to explore.
  • Dedication: you must be dedicated to your blog. It would be best if you put effort n your blog for it to be successful.
  • Social skills: you must have good social skills. You must know how to interact with people. Being too frank or too anti-social can be a huge loss to your blog.
  • Regularity: you must be posting regularly for your audience to be connected to you
  • Realness: you must post content that resonates with you. Your views, your ideas, and your opinions.

These things are the basis of what you need to be a blogger, but you must develop a strong and open mind. Posting your views online will not only attract people who agree with you but will also attract people who disagree with you. The online world is filled with people who are easily deemed as ‘toxic.’ You must have the mental strength not to let the negative and toxic side of the online world get to you.
At the same time, you must have an open mind which will welcome any constructive criticism or corrections. You are bound to make mistakes, and you must have the heart to acknowledge them when people politely point it out or correct you on something you are wrong about. Acceptance shows you are willing to become a better version of yourself.

Just how Chris Brogan explains:

If you accept all the praise, you have to accept all the critics.

Opportunities for Bloggers:

Blogging is emerging as a successful career, which can help you earn more than your current job. Starting a blog is risk-free, but it is done online and requires effort and time. You can start a blog on Layout By Flywheel, Site Point, Envato Tuts+, Linode, and Indeni Ltd.

I hope this short blogger guide helped you in understanding how to cover your journey as a blog writer. You might face some hurdles in the way, we all do, but remember to keep working hard.

If you want services in other fields of content writing, or want to see works of trained professionals, check out the research branch.

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