Smart Devices for Smart Office

Smart Devices for Smart Office

Are you looking to upgrade your normal office to a smart one but are confused about what to change? What should you buy to make your office look like a top-notch company’s office? If you’re looking to revamp your traditional office into a modern and impressive workspace, we have collated a list of essential smart devices that you should consider investing in. 

But first, one might think that what exactly is a smart office? The answer is quite simple:

A smart office can look modern, efficient, and technologically advanced. Smart office create a workspace that enhances productivity, comfort, and sustainability while adapting to the evolving needs of employees and businesses. 

Smart Devices for Smart Office: 

A smart office has the latest technologies which enhance and improve office work by making tasks easier. But which of the latest technologies would one need in a smart office?
We’ve compiled a list of Smart gadgets you should invest in if looking for making a smart office:

  • Smart desk
  • Smart plug
  • Smart speaker
  • Smart lock
  • CCTV cameras

Smart Desk:

Since desks are a necessity in an office environment, Smart desks are a must-have in any Smart office or conference room. Smart desks come with many features, making your working environment more efficient and productive. With many different features and settings, they provide you the choice of working however you feel most comfortable.

They can customize for any position you like, whether sitting or standing, have speakers, include recording, and have a full-on program for recording and doing work. They also include many things that you will need separate devices for. So, they are a must-buy.

A few top-rated smart desks are :

  • Dk-04
  • Okasha smart office table
  • D-Table-Luxury-Multitouch-1


Smart desks give you a lot of features, making your work-life easier and productive:

Customizable height:

Most smart desks are customizable in their heights. That means you can change the height of the table as per your requirements. This feature makes it easier for you to work, saves you from a lot of muscle pain when working for long hours, and is a pretty nice feature.


Smart desks, just like a tablet or your phone, have a screen and a Wi-Fi connection, bringing the entire world of the internet to your fingertips. It is easier to manage and can save a lot of time.

Voice control:

Some smart tables also have a voice command feature, allowing the user to table by saying commands. For example, say you wanted to search for something, just say it and the table will show you the results on the screen.

Plugs and ports:

Most smart tables have many different plugs and ports for you to connect different devices to them. You can easily connect your computers, laptops, and phones to the table, making it easier to control different devices and manage the data.

Smart plug:

A smart plug makes office life much easier and convenient. A place full of different gadgets and devices must have smart plugs to easily manage them. A smart plug enables you to turn on/off any device with just a few taps on your phone or even your voice command.

These are the most convenient and affordable devices for a smart office, making everyday tasks much easier. You get control of all the devices plugged into the switch from your phone or your voice. Some might even let you set up a timetable for when to turn the appliances on and off, making the entire process automatic and easier. You can also see the energy expenditure to control the budget.

Some good smart plugs are:

  • Wemo Wi-Fi smart plug
  • TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Mini Plug EP10
  •  Ring Outdoor Smart Plug


Investing in a smart plug is the easiest and best investment for any office or organization:


You can easily turn off multiple devices connected to the plug by a single button or voice command, cutting down on power usage. This also helps in reducing vampire power (power used by devices on standby), which makes up to 10% of the total electricity bill.

Device control:

Smart plugs allow you to control connected gadgets using your phone, which means you may be away from the plug or even your office and still manage the equipment provided you have wi-fi access.

Managing devices:

A smart plug allows you to connect many appliances to a single socket. It implies that numerous ports can be used to connect various devices while using a single socket. This is not only a wonderful way to save space, but it also allows you to control numerous devices with a single click. You may use your phone to manage when your appliances switch on and off with smart plugs. Appliance management is made easier with smart management.

Smart speakers:

It wouldn’t be a smart office without smart speakers. Smart speakers have become a must-have for many people, whether for their offices or their homes. Smart speakers let you control everything you can do with your phone with your voice. You just need to say what you want and you have it.

From the latest headlines to an old file on your computer, from the weather forecast to set up alarms, smart speakers let you control everything with just a single word. The AIs used in smart speakers answer your questions and perform the tasks asked of them. These are a must-have for any smart office.

The top-rated smart speakers are:

  • Google Nest Audio
  • Amazon echo dot with clock
  • Sonos one


Smart speakers are a must to have in any working environment:

Voice command:

The voice command allows you to communicate with the speaker and direct it to carry out your commands, which it accomplishes efficiently. This is because of the artificial intelligence (AI) interference utilized in smart speakers. You can choose which AI assistant you prefer as there are quite some options.

Easier task management:

Almost all of your phone’s features may be accessed by just uttering the word. You may quickly discover anything by just asking the speaker to do it, from taking calls to set up reminders, from the freshest news to the oldest song. Because of the artificial intelligence (AI) interference implemented in smart speakers, you can effortlessly carry out all of your tasks by just asking the speaker to do so.

Great sound quality:

Elegant speakers provide excellent sound quality, making it easier for you to listen to whatever you want and providing a more immersive experience. You may even link two smart speakers together to create a wonderful stereo effect

Smart lock:

In an office, you’ll inevitably have some documents or project plans that you need to keep away from others. Or maybe you just don’t want people to enter your office without permission. If that’s the case, then a smart lock is perfect for you.

 A smart lock takes the security game up a notch and provides you with access to your office without a traditional key but with a passcode that you can set. The lock can then be opened through your phone or by entering the passcode on the lock screen. You can even give virtual keys to other people you want to permit entrance to your office and then they can use their phones to access the virtual key.

The top-rated smart locks are:

  • August Wi-Fi Smart Lock
  • Yale Assure Lock SL Key Free Touchscreen Deadbolt
  • Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt


Better safety

The majority of smart locks feature a high-security mechanism and can only be accessed with a specific pin or only through your phone, thus increasing security.

Built-in cameras:

These locks feature built-in cameras that record the faces of anybody who passes by. You can see if someone tried to enter your office while you were not there.

Accessible through your phone:

Intelligent locks come with smart applications that allow the user to access their locks using their phone. Also, you can give other people virtual keys to your lock so they can enter your office without having to ask you first.

Smart CCTV cameras:

No place is entirely safe without having CCTV cameras. The old CCTV cameras required constant maintenance and safety from environmental issues or certain temperatures but the smart CCTV cameras have a much greater reactance to storms, rains, or high/low temperatures. They can give clear images of the parameters, even in the worst of conditions.

The smart CCV cameras also incorporate lasers and motion sensors, giving an extra edge to the safety of the office. The lasers and motion detectors used in some smart CCTV cameras are advances enough to detect objects up to 50 feet away. Some of the sensors are also heat sensors, thus monitoring anything that has heat (living things).

Some of the best smart CCTV cameras are:

  • Wyze cam V3
  • Arlo Pro 4
  • Nest Cam


Smart CCTV cameras are a must for making your smart office secure:

High Video quality:

Smart CCTV cameras have high megapixel cameras, resulting in great picture quality and HD recording. This helps in recognizing the people coming in and out of your office.


Many smart CCTV cameras have heat or motion sensors, ensuring to capture anyone who enters the vision of the camera. Even if the person somehow escaped the camera recording, the heat sensors capture them.

Night vision:

Most smart CCTV cameras use infrared lasers and thus give a clear picture even in dim or no lighting. So anyone trying to get into your office during the night will be clearly caught on the camera.

This was a list of the devices you need to change your traditional office into a smart one or just upgrading your old office to a more tech-advanced office.

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