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Smart lamps: New year, new lights

‘New year new me’ seems a bit off. While I do make certain resolutions and try my best to stick with them (believe me, I do), they don’t seem to last very long (which may or may not be my fault). Anyways, this year I have decided to do something other than the traditional ‘new year, new me’. This year I will be going for ‘New Year, New House’. But my new house doesn’t mean an actual new house, what I mean by a new house is I am going to change everything I have had for a long time or just bring in some new stuff for my house, turning it into a new one while not leaving the original one. So once again, I went deep into what I can do to change the look of my house while staying under budget and I came across smart lamps.

Smart lamps seem like a perfect idea to give a little extra change to my house for the new year. Also, this being a long-term investment seems like an added bonus. With this in mind, I research properly to narrow down every important, must-know thing about smart lamps. I even short-listed some in case any of you would like to give your house a small, not too drastic but still noticeable, makeover.

What is a smart lamp?

The answer is quite simple. A smart lamp works basically like a lamp but that is not all. Along with performing the basic function of a lamp i.e. giving light, it packs a whole new experience.

What is new in smart lamp?

Smart lamps can easily give any other lamp a run for their money. From the remote control, colour options, and much more, it will definitely be a great addition to your home.

Smart features:

It cannot be called smart if it does not have any special features making it better than the old, traditional electric lamps. The AI assistants have taken the smart lamps to a new level. This is hand-down the best feature of the new smart-lamps. Being compatible with AI assistants brings many special features to you:

  • Remote on and off:

You can turn the lamp on and off by just your voice instructions. The AI assistant catches your voice and from wherever you are in your house, as long as the AI assistant of your smart lamp recognizes your voice clearly, you can easily turn the lamp on and off without moving a single muscle.

  • Brightness control:

The new smart lamps also have a brightness control feature, allowing you to brighten or dim your smart lamps however you like. This is particularly useful to set a particular mood or serves a great function for aesthetic purposes also. Furthermore, if you are like me who is easily irritated if the light is too bright, this is absolutely perfect.

  • Color variations:

While the old traditional lamps only had one colour, the new smart lamps offer a variety of colours to their users. Not only can you change from one colour to the other but you can even change hues on the colour spectrum by using the smart lamp app, giving you access to a large spectrum of colours. This is also a great feature for setting up an ambience, for making things look more aesthetic, or just for people who are not a big fan of bright yellow and white lights.

  • Variation in sizes:

This is not a special feature but is still very important, smart lamps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some are quite big while some can fit in your hand. This is also great for matching your aesthetic and the purpose of the lamp.

  • Portability:

Most smart lamps are chargeable, which means they work on battery instead of needing a constant electrical supply to work. This means that you can carry them wherever you want and can place them at places away from sockets and plugs, something you cannot do with the traditional, electrical lamps which need an outlet for their functioning.

What to look out for:

Wondering what you should be considering when buying a smart lamp. I’ve got you covered. Just focus on the following aspects of the lamp you want to buy and you will be set:

  • The lifespan:

The first thing you need to see is the lifespan of the lamp. There is no point in buying something that will only last a couple of months and force you to buy another one. Make sure the lifespan of the smart lamp you want to buy is worth investing in. general lifespan of a smart lamp should be above one and a half years. Any less than this is basically like throwing your money down the drain.

  • Battery life:

Another key factor you must be mindful of is the battery life of the lamp. Most smart lamps not only work on electricity but rather need to be charged. Getting a smart lamp with a battery of a couple of hours is, again, a waste of money. Your smart lamp must have, at the very least, 6-8 hours of battery life. Any less battery life than this will be a irritable.

  • The AI compatibility:

Smart lamps are actually deemed as ‘smart’ because of their compatibility with the AI assistants such as Google, Siri, Alexa, etc. But not every smart lamp is compatible with all these AI assistants. Buy your smart lamp keeping in mind that it should be compatible with the AI assistant you have at home. Otherwise, it will not work as a smart lamp and will be just a normal, regular lamp.

  • The size:

The size of the lamp is very important. Buying a lamp too small or too big for your preference is going to be more of a hindrance than actual use. Based on what you want the smart lamp for, whether it is for work purposes, for aesthetic purposes, for decoration, or actual lighting, select the right size of the smart lamp to avoid any problem or complaints.

 Researchbranch’s top picks:

Govee lyra floor lamp


  • RGB color changing scheme
  • WIFI app control
  • 64+ scene mode
  • Music sync


Hifree smart table lamp


  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Home
  • RGB color Changing scheme
  • 4 lighting modes (warm white, cool white, RGB color changing cycle, and sleep night light mood)

Govee smart table lamp


  • Compatible with Alexa and Google assistant
  • 37 scene modes
  • Music mode
  • RGB color changing scheme


ZUUKOO light bar


  • RGB color changing scheme
  • Music sync mode
  • 19 dynamic modes


These were my top choices for buying smart lamps. I will be getting myself one this new year. If you have any questions related to smart lamps or any technology, make sure to comment down below.

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