Splinterlands Gameplay Guide

Splinterlands Gameplay Guide: P2E RPG Card Game

Splinterlands Gameplay: A Saga of Epic Battles

In a realm of web3 RPG and strategy games where collectible card games reign supreme, Splinterlands emerges as a dynamic force with the ferocious mayhem of strategic warfare. Splinterlands gameplay guide embarks you on a journey of wild adventure of trading card game where you play, make a winning strategy, win ranked battles and collect dark energy crystals (DEC). It uncovers the immersive gameplay and the revolutionary fusion of blockchain technology by alluring prospect of real-world rewards. 

Lightning-Fast and Heart-Pounding P2E Game

Splinterlands catapults players into the throes of thrilling battlers that are nothing short of electrifying. Each game is a whirlwind of strategic decisions, heart-pounding moments, and rapid-fire action. Say goodbye to the tedious grind of drawn-out card battles. In Splinterlands gameplay, each bout is a lightning strike of excitement, making it perfect for those seeking quick gaming thrills without compromising on depth. 

Magic, Factions, and Primal Power 

Splinterlands immerses players in a world steeped in captivating lore and rich history. Here, factions vie for supremacy, wielding primal energies to reshape the very fabric of reality. The narrative tapestry of Splinterlands lends gravitas to each battle, transforming them into pivotal moments within an epic saga. 

Accessibility and Cross-Platform Play: Anytime, Anywhere 

Splinterlands gameplay welcomes players on multiple platforms, be it the comfort of your desktop or the hustle and bustle of mobile gaming. The game’s cross-platform compatibility ensures that the Splinterlands experience is at your fingertips, allowing you to join the fray wherever and whenever the mood strikes. 

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Strategic Brilliance: The Quintessential Element 

While the battles in Splinterlands are swift, they are far from shallow. Strategy reigns supreme as each skirmish presents a unique blend of combat rules, mana caps, and elemental influences. Crafting the perfect team is akin to mastering a complex puzzle, requiring keen insight into card abilities, elemental affinities, and the art of synergy between creatures and summoners. 

NFT Card Mechanics in Splinterlands Gameplay: The Heartbeat of Victory 

Splinterlands boasts a dazzling array of cards, each a unique masterpiece with its own set of attributes and abilities. To emerge victorious, a deep understanding of card stats, such as mana cost, attack, speed, armor, and health, is paramount. The game’s vast repertoire of abilities, from the game changing Amplify to the unerring True Strike, offers a canvas for tactical brilliance and strategic artistry. 

Splinterlands GamePlay Guide:

Setting Up your Account 

You must create an account before you can start playing Splinterlands. To make your account, go to the Splinterlands official website and register with your email, connect your web3 wallets. Lets the play begin.

How to create an account to play splinterlands
How to Create an Account to play Splinterlands

Building your NFT Deck for Splinterlands Gameplay 

After creating an account, you can purchase NFT deck or start playing for free. In either case, you must be aware of NFT cards. There exist two distinct categories of cards within the Splinterlands realm: 


These are mystical wielders of fundamental forces known as elements. In Splinterlands, there are six primary sources of mystical energy, each corresponding to a distinct elemental force: 

  1. Fire Element (FIRE) 
  2. Water Element (WATER) 
  3. Earth Element (EARTH) 
  4. Life Element (LIFE) 
  5. Death Element (DEATH) 
  6. Dragon Element (DRAGON) 
Splinterlands Summoners
Splinterlands Summoners

The elements are employing their arcane mastery to conjure formidable monsters. A Summoner employs their magic to summon creatures, races, and habitats associated with their chosen Element. For example, an Earth Element Summoner can invoke creatures dwelling in mountains and forests. 


Any being or creature that a Summoner calls forth to engage in combat. These creatures are the ones actively participating in battles. 

Both Summoners and Monsters can be discovered within Splinterlands Booster Packs. 

NFT Card Fundamentals to Start the Gameplay: 

Let’s delve deeper into the anatomy of a game cards known as summoners and monsters. The NFT cards have stats. Stats are the numbers that indicate a character’s physical attributes, encompassing power, speed, resilience, and health. 

Splinterlands Card Stats
Splinterlands Card Stats
  • Mana Cost

The more powerful the card, the higher its Mana Cost, which influences team composition. 

  • Element/Rarity

The icon signifies the Element, while the color denotes Rarity (Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary). 

  • Name

This is the character’s name. 

  • Level

Higher levels result in more potent cards, with potential stat enhancements and ability unlocks. 

  • Experience

Accumulated by merging duplicate cards, the green bar shows progress toward the next level. 

  • Abilities

Special skills or powers employed during combat. 

Other than the NFT card stats of Summoner and Monsters, Monsters have abilities that help  the gamers to make a winning strategy. These abilities help the gamers to choose the cards wisely. These serve as the foundational characteristics of the NFT card. For an overview of how a character’s abilities evolve as it levels up, simply navigate to Your Collection, click on the character, and select the “STATS” tab. Here’s a concise explanation of a few of the abilities: 

  • Attack

Determines the form of attack: MELEE ATTACK (close combat), RANGED ATTACK (distance attacks), or MAGIC ATTACK (versatile and ignores Armor). 

  • Speed

Influences attack order and evasion of Melee or Ranged attacks. 

  • Armor

Serves as a protective barrier, requiring attackers to deplete it before harming the character’s health. 

  • Health

A straightforward representation of a character’s life force. 

  • Abilities

These unique skills contribute significantly to battle outcomes and are crucial for devising successful strategies. 

NFT Card Special Abilities: Where Battles Gain Complexity

Abilities introduce intrigue to battles, with certain elements having exclusive access to particular abilities. The game currently features an array of abilities, including: 

  • Affliction

Inflicts a healing prevention effect. 

  • Amplify

Enhances certain damage-dealing abilities. 

  • Backfire

Damages attackers upon a miss. 

  • Blast

Deals damage to adjacent units. 

  • Blind

Increases the chance of enemy attacks missing. 

  • Bloodlust

Enhances STATS with each victory. 

  • Camouflage

Offers protection against direct attacks when in the first position. 

  • And many more, each adding depth to strategic planning. 

The Battlefield: The Game Walkthrough

Achieving success in battle necessitates a grasp of the battlefield. It comprises two rows and six positions. The positioning of your forces and anticipation of your opponent’s moves are vital: 

  • Front Row

Melee attacks exclusively take place here. 

  • Back Row

Melee attackers require special rules or abilities to engage from this position. 

Moreover, when a monster perishes, those behind it shift up one position to fill the gap. Formation integrity is crucial; there should be no vacant spots at front. 

  • Adjacency

Certain abilities influence adjacent positions. To clarify adjacency, consider a linear perspective rather than a grid-based one. 

Preparation for Battle: 

Armed with a grasp of cards, Elements, STATS, and Abilities, you’re ready for fame and fortune on the battlefield. You can opt for Ranked or Practice battles, each with its unique combat rules and information. 

  • Summoner Selection

The Summoner you choose influences the Monsters you can deploy, so make your winning strategy for NFT card game, in Splinterlands gameplay. Your Summoner’s level determines the eligible Monster levels. 

  • Monster Choice

Once a Summoner is selected, Monsters from their Element and Neutral Monsters become available. Monitor your Mana counter as you select Monsters; it shows your proximity to the limit. 

  • Positioning

The first Monster in the list occupies the front row during combat. Keep Attack types (Melee, Ranged, Magic) and their positioning requirements in mind. 

The Heat of Battle in Splinterlands Gameplay

In battle, your team confronts the enemy across a divided battleground. The front-row Monsters with the highest Speed initiate the action, prioritized by attack types. As battles progress, experience will reveal effective Monster combinations and optimal positions for different scenarios. 

Splinterlands is a strategic collectible card game where mastering these intricacies can lead to glory and triumph on the battlefield. 

Splinterlands Play to Earn

Splinterlands opens the gateway to a realm where real-world rewards await intrepid players. Tournaments, ranked battles, and quests provide avenues to secure collectible cards, card packs, magic potions, and the coveted Dark Energy Crystals (DEC), the game’s tradable digital currency. In Splinterlands, every play is a step closer to tangible rewards, making it a thrilling adventure for both seasoned gamers and newcomers. 

NFT Cards Trading

A beacon of innovation, Splinterlands integrates blockchain technology seamlessly into its gameplay. Players can now trade, sell, lease, and even transmute their in-game card assets into cryptocurrency. Your collection possesses tangible value on third-party marketplaces like Open Sea, PeakMonsters, and Monster Market, heralding a new era of digital asset ownership and trading within the gaming sphere. 

Splinterlands Gameplay at Multichain

For cryptocurrency enthusiasts and novices alike, Splinterlands offers an exciting pathway into the world of digital currencies. Upon registration, a Hive cryptocurrency wallet is conjured, simplifying the crypto experience for newcomers. The game extends its reach to other blockchain realms, including Ethereum and WAX, catering to the diverse tastes of crypto aficionados. By participating in the SplinterTalk social media community and earning crypto rewards, Splinterlands becomes a dynamic frontier in the cryptocurrency landscape. 

Splinterlands: A Symphony of Strategy and Rewards 

Undoubtedly, Splinterlands stands as a towering monument in the world of collectible card games. It offers a profound strategic depth, and cutting-edge blockchain technology to craft an immersive and rewarding gaming odyssey. Its breakneck battles, intricate lore, and a plethora of card mechanics cater to both the casually curious and the dedicated strategists. Splinterlands is more than a game; it is a gateway to uncharted opportunities. Whether you’re a seasoned card game enthusiast or a curious adventurer, Splinterlands beckons as an irresistible call to arms in the realm of collectible card games. 


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