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Top Smart Speakers to Buy at Amazon

Smart speakers have changed the game. With their integrated AI technology, you can get so many things without even moving a finger. All you need to do is just say the name of the speaker and ask it to do whatever it is you want to know.

  • Want the latest headlines? Got it.
  • Want to hear the weather report? Done.
  • Don’t know how many miles in a kilometer? No problem

But that is not all. Smart speakers don’t just answer questions. They can do things too.

  • Want to play some music? Just say the name of the song.
  • Gotta set up an alarm? Just need to say it.
  • Need to make a to-do list? No sweat.
  • Want to Control the lighting in the house? Just ask (although this step might involve a little more technicality)
  • Incoming calls? Got it covered.

All your mobile functions and more, on your voice command. But what might be an issue is which smart speakers are worth investing in. Ever since smart speakers were first introduced in the market, they blew up, and like anything that shows great market business, people tried to mint off money from people by making poor-quality replicas. To save you from this issue, we’ve compiled a list of the top smart speakers with a comparison table to help you decide what is best for you.

Top smart-speakers

The top smart speakers are:

1-Google nest audio

2-Sonos one

3-Amazon echo dot with clock

4-Apple HomePod mini

5-Google nest mini

6-JBL link 20


1. Google nest audio

Google nest audio, with its attractive design, reasonable price, and better sound quality, has set the bar high. This successor of Google Home is much cheaper yet has a much better package to offer.


  • Attractive design
  • Quick responses
  • Better sound
  • Affordable


  • No audio out-source option
  • Volume degrades at higher volumes


Google nest audio levels up against its predecessor Google Home by giving off much better response speed, better design, and a better on-device processor which gives off fast responses. Furthermore, you get better sound quality as it is 76% louder and comes with a 50% bass boost. The most attractive thing is that you don’t have to worry about giving up a fortune for this as Google nest audio is just $99, $30 less than Google Home.

The issues that one might face are that there is no audio out-source option in Google nest audio, so the audio can’t be transferred to another device. Furthermore, at high volumes, the sound starts to get a little distorted, but that’s about it with its problems.


The design was sleek and elegant and it fitted well with the indoor decorations. It looked better as compared to its tear-shaped predecessor. The sound quality was fantastic and the AI responses were quick. The best part was hands-down the price. There was only one issue of the sound degenerating a little at high volumes but that is when the volume is turned up very high, which there isn’t a need for anyways. All-in-all it is a good deal and I am quite satisfied with how it turned out.


2. Sonos One

Amazon played its ace card with Sonos one. With its sleek design, high sound quality, and compact body, Sonos one brings on a new deal. Also, it won a Tom’s Guide Award 2021 for Smart Home.


  • Good sound quality
  • Elegant design
  • wide-ranging app
  • Dual assistant


  • Not Alexa drop-in supported
  • No call through AI
  • No bluetooth
  • Price


Sonos one has great sound quality, quite possibly the best one. The audio coming from this compact device is much more controlled and louder than its rivals. In addition to its top-notch sound quality, another advantage is that it allows you to stream audio from hundreds of different streaming sources. The best feature is its ability to support two AI assistants: both Alexa and Google. Even though some features of both AIs are missing, the rest is more than enough to make up for them. It also can group multiple speakers, giving a much richer experience.

The few demerits might be how some features of both AIs are not present, how there is no Bluetooth so one must have the Sonos app, and how it costs more than its rivals, going for about $219.


The compact design is incredible and doesn’t look out of place, regardless of where I put it. The sound quality is the best, but the choice between AIs takes the cake. Having no Bluetooth might look like trouble but the Sonos app has a great interface and is very easy to use. Also, the price is quite high as compared to other options of the same category, but the merits overcome the demerits ten-on-one.

3. Amazon echo dot with clock

With the best Alexa skills, great LED display, good sounds, great design, and a good price, Amazon echo dot with the clock has it all.


  • Quick AI responses
  • improved bass
  • Integrated clock
  • Price


  • Sound quality


Amazon echo dot comes with a sphere design, not only looking better but improving the overall sound experience. Due to its compact design and built-in clock, it is perfect for bedrooms and nightstands. But the compact design has a bigger punch with its boosted base. The clock doesn’t only tell the time but also the temperature and can also work as a timer, basically everything a normal bedside clock does. Even so, the best part about it is how it is under $60, which means you don’t have to use up a large amount of money when buying multiple items.

The only setback is how the sound quality isn’t as good as its competitors, but that’s pretty much it.


The design is elegant, the LED system makes it easier to read and the bass is amazing ins price. Another great feature is how there is another version of it that is specifically designed for kids. If paired up with another unit, it forms a pretty decent stereo set. Although the sound quality isn’t as great as others, at this price, and with all other features, that isn’t notice-worthy. The best part is the low price and the quick responses by Alexa. It’s a pretty decent catch.

4. Apple HomePod Mini

Apple has created a worldwide fanbase for itself. For all the apple lovers out there, Apple HomePod Mini hits home.


  • Good sound quality
  • Compact design
  • Advance skillset
  • Better music discovery


  • Only Appple-supported
  • Price
  • Lack of app control


Apple HomePod Mini is more sophisticated in a more compact style. The AI interface Siri has also been improved by being able to do much more than just the basic tasks. The sound quality is the best one, easily drowning out other competitors with great sound quality and volume. Also, a new feature has improved song searching skills where Siri plays songs that you haven’t heard before but it fits for you usually like to listen to.

The few issues that one might face are that it is only apple supported and there is not much third party service and the price, which is higher than its competitors. It goes to the sale for about $100.


As an Apple user, this was truly the best expense. Both the elegant design and the small size are well-designed. The sound quality is much better than any other smart speaker. The price is just worth it for this high-quality sound. Although the smart home feature still needs a little work but the sound quality is amazing and by setting up two Apple HomePod Minis, the experience is something else.

5. Google nest mini

Google caught up to speed with Alexa by introducing Google Nest mini. Having just as many qualities, it is a great alternative to the Amazon echo series.


  • Affordable
  • Improved skills
  • Improved AI interferance
  • Price


  • Cannot connect to larger speakers
  • No digital display


Google Nest Mini comes in four elegant colors and compact shapes. Better covering for improved sound quality, multiple sound recognition features, and a fuller sound experience, all of this is only $49. This is not all, the Google Nest Mini also comes with a wall mount, meaning you can mount it on a wall. Furthermore, the AI is now functioned to learn your routine demands and process them without contacting the google servers, giving a better AI experience.

The let-downs, if one considers these as let-downs in the first place, are that there is no port for connecting them to larger speakers through auxiliary cables. Also, unlike Echo dot, there is no digital display.


As someone who prefers Google assistant over other AIs, this was the best purchase I’ve ever made. The sound quality is better than the previous Google smart speakers, the design is elegant, the size is compact and the AI interference is one of the best. And all of this is just $49, which is the best part. Also, multiple voice recognitions are helpful for me and my family members.

6. JBL Link 20

By introducing JBL link 20, a portable smart speaker, JBL raised the bar to another level.


  • Good sound quality
  • Sleek design
  • Great feautures
  • Portable
  • Waterproof


  • Slow starting speed
  • Require Wi-fi for google assistant


You get a whole deal with Airplay2, Chromecast, hands-free Google Assistant, wireless streaming through both Bluetooth and wi-fi, and also high-resolution support. It is portable and thus, works best for outdoor events and parties. Being waterproof puts it in another league, perfect to be used in pools. With a 6000mAh battery, you don’t need to worry about the battery running out soon.

The few issues that one might face are that you need to wait 10-15 seconds for it to connect to AI, and the sound quality could be made better. The price might also be considered high as it goes for $130 while its competitors are much cheaper.


JBL Link 20 hits the sport in durability, affordability, and good sound quality. The design is good that doesn’t look like a sore spot, the sound quality is decent and the AI interference is great. The fact that it is portable makes it ideal for someone like me who goes out a lot. Since it is waterproof and has a strong built, I am not too worried about it getting defective. This packs much more than what meets the eye.

The parameters of judgment:

In case you are wondering how to select the right smart-speakers, you must keep the following the following things in your mind:

The design/built:

The design of the speakers should be kept in mind when choosing them. You should make sure to choose the speakers with the best, most elegant designs and the most accessible built, which doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

The sound quality:

This is, hands-down, one of the most important qualities that one should never ignore. The whole purpose of speakers is to have a good sound quality and this is not something that should be compromised.

The AI interferance:

If a smart speaker doesn’t have a good AI, then I can’t be called a ‘smart speaker’, can it? Make sure to invest in the speakers giving you the best experience in making your everyday tasks easier, not increasing the workload by adding on new issues.

This was a short review of the top smart speakers, having being judged on different qualities and characteristics. We hope this was helpful to you and made it easier for you to decide what to buy.

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