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Web Content Writing: A Quick Guide

We live in the era of the internet. everything can be found online. From year-old news to the latest trends, we can get whatever we want from the internet. The wide-scale shift of the world towards the internet was seen after the 2000s. Not only has this changed the course of how people prefer to find things, but it has also offered opportunities for people. People are using the internet not only for their recreating but also for money-making. Many online jobs can be found on the internet. One of such jobs, which promises good pay and a career, provided you put in the effort, is web content writing.

Just as the name suggests, it is a branch of freelance content writing, which has many more branches worthy of your time. A few of them are listed below if you want to check them out.

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What is web content writing?

Website content writing or more commonly known as web content writing is the writing that is done for making relevant content for different websites. Every website is different and has a specific target audience. Website content writing provides content for the website according to the theme and audience of the website.


As mentioned before, website content writing is done to provide website owners/creators with content relatable to their websites. The content that you will provide will be according to what the client demands. It can be something related to one topic on the website or something about the topic not on the website but will be in the future.

just as Russell Sparkman says:

“To be momentous, create content with purpose.” 

Why is web content writing important?

Website content writing is important because of the ever-increasing online community. With every passing day, more and more people rely on the internet to search for things. With this, web writing is important to make sure that people find what they are looking for. Not only this, but web content writing also has great usage for creating a profile for oneself. It is an excellent way to enhance your skills for writing quality content and building a portfolio.

What makes web content writing different?

Website writing is done to provide content for websites. Each website is different, has different audiences, different aims, different purposes, and different agendas. With this in mind, website content needs to be specific according to the layouts of the website. Also, this type of writing is for websites and websites only. Also, these can be formal or informal, which depends on the website, the client, and the audience.

Types of web content writing:

Expository writing: 

This type of writing is done to tell you facts about something. The writer has no say of personal opinion in the content. It is accurate and to the point. Such writings are used to teach and tell people about something.

Persuasive writing: 

Persuasive writing is expository writing plus the writer’s views and opinions. But even so, the views and opinions of the writer must be backed up by facts or solid reasoning. No emotional bias comes to play in this writing. By getting a person’s real-life views about the topic, people are persuaded to believe in a certain belief, opinion, or theory. This also persuades people to take certain actions. Persuasive writing is usually employed in business websites to persuade people to take certain actions i.e. buy or invest in something

Descriptive writing: 

As the name suggests, this type of writing describes things. These things can be a place, thing, person, food, etc. This is done to create an image of the object being talked about in the readers’ minds. This type of writing is as common as other writings but websites dedicated to stories and novel writings use this form of writing.

Narrative writing: 

Same as descriptive writing, narrative writing is used in stories and novels for narrating an event or describing something. But the only difference is that the writer writes as if they are a part of the story while in descriptive writing, things are described as someone from outside the world of the story.

The features of web content writing:

  • Clarity:

Your content needs to be in a clear, understandable form. Don’t make it too complicated.

  • Relevance:

This one is pretty obvious but your content should be related to the topic and the website. Readers won’t waste time on something they weren’t looking for. Make sure to stay relevant to the topic.

  • Readability:

This one is important so things don’t get too complicated in your content. Make sure to have good readability by making headings, sub-headings, and sing lists.

  • Stability:

Your content must be consistent and in one flow. Abruptly changing the topic will lose you, readers.

  • No errors:

Another no-brainer but proofread your content before delivering. Anything that goes up on the web never completely comes down so you need to be extra careful to not have any errors.

Do’s and don’ts of web content writing:

If you don’t wanna end up with a bad repute in the content writing market of web writers, make sure you keep the following in mind before delivering any project

Don’t  Do
 Plagiarize Write on your own
not researching the topic before writing Write after properly researching the topic from various sources
Give unnecessary information which is not related to the topic  Give information which the topic demands
  Write without knowing your audience  Research your audience and write content that will be engaging to them
  Use long paragraphs  Make headings and points for better understanding
  Be ambiguous  Be clear, summarizing, and expressive
  Get over-confident  Double-check everything

Earning Prospect of web content writing:

Since the world has become surrounded by tech and the internet, web content writing has skyrocketed, with the demands for web content writers increasing day by day. According to Glassdoor, web writers earn up to $52,181 per year on average. High-quality writers get much more than this. Even the freshers can get up to $29K per year. 

What you need to become a web content writer:

• Writing skills: 

You need to polish your writing skills to be able to produce top-notch material that is engaging and entertaining.

• Research skills: 

You must know where to get information from. To write a captivating article, you must include such information that will be new to the masses. This requires you to have excellent research skills.


To develop anything out of the ordinary, you’ll need a lot of creativity. People aren’t drawn to items they’ve seen before You must be able to generate interesting material that will draw people in.

• Mindfulness about the audience: 

You must know how to engage the audience and for that, you need to know the audience. You should know what are the norms within your targeted audience to attract them


You need to know how to manage your time. If you can’t meet the deadlines, you can forget about succeeding in this field.

Where can you work as a web content writer?

The job you secure will be determined by whether you wish to work as a web content writer full-time or as a side hustle. If you want to work as a web content writer full-time, you may produce outstanding advertising for any business or corporation. Alternatively, you may register on websites such as Upwork, iWriterFlexJobsGuru, and Freelancer.com.

I hope this guide was helpful to you. Just remember that with a little effort, you will be able to deliver high-quality content and earn a good amount of money. Don’t get disappointed if things start slow, just keep on working to get to where you want.

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