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Ancient8 Guild Introduction

Ancient8 began as Vietnam's top gaming guild and transforming the web3 gaming industry. The guild was founded on a dedication to the gaming community and was driven by this devotion from the beginning. The guild's quick expansion resulted in a sizable user base, which prepared the way for its transformation into a provider of Web3 gaming infrastructure. The team8 makes use of Web3 technology to increase its audience, impart knowledge, and give the next 100 million Metaverse aficionados power.

Ancient8 Chain 

The OP Stack-powered Ancient8 Chain is a community-driven Ethereum Layer 2 that focuses on gaming and is designed primarily to address the scalability and acceptance issues that web3 gaming and consumer DApps are facing. It provides unmatched scalability, lower transaction costs, and almost immediate confirmations by utilising Optimistic Rollups.


A Web3 game environment that defies traditional bounds is what the Chain envisions. Player-owned economies, NFTs, and digital assets all hold a special place in our hearts. The guild goal is to build a more equitable and welcoming gaming environment. The guild hope to achieve widespread adoption and democratise gaming by constructing on Ethereum. The team 8 want to provide everyone with an outstanding gaming experience because we have faith in Ethereum's future.

A One Stop Shop for Gaming Studios

Ancient8 is a thriving gaming ecosystem, not just a solitary piece in the chain. In order to support every step of a game's journey, from conception to reaching the hands of enthusiastic players, the suite of tools covers every area of game production and marketing. Their all-encompassing strategy creates the foundation for Web3 native game publishing and increases market presence. It includes building on Ancient8 Chain, launching with Dojo, onboarding with Space3, localising with PlayNation, and marketing with Gosu Network.

As the pioneer of web3 gaming, they are leveraging tech stack from Optimism layer 2 of Ethereum. Furthermore, Ancient8 is facilitating game developers to build great games  with tech stacks and funding. From marketing to web3 tools, launching and onboarding in web3, Ancient8 is offering a lot for game developers.

Ancient8 is shaping the web3 gaming altogether with wide adoption of blockchain technology for gaming geeks. You will find great games in Ancient8 community and ecosystem.



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