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Genopets is a game that gamifies an active lifestyle. Taking a stroll across the mall? Running at the gym? In your office, are you rushing from one meeting to the next? Your Genopet is always by your side, tracking the steps you'll take to fuel your games, no matter how you stay active.

With Genopets, you can unleash your inner gamer and win prizes! As you stroll and take on daily challenges, you can explore, combat, and evolve your digital pet. Every step becomes an adventure with your Genopet by your side. So, why delay? Begin your journey to a more fulfilling lifestyle by entering the Genoverse today.

Move to Earn Game

Genopets is a game that does more than just track your steps and reward you for how far you walk. The game is based on you forming a friendship with your digital companion and caring for it every day by caring for yourself.
The emotional connection between one's self and their pet is a tremendous force, whether it's paying respect to the memories of taking care of our Tamagotchi, evolving and battling our Pokémon, or even raising our first real-world pet. The basis of Genopets is that emotional drive, and it is ultimately what will motivate you to live a more active lifestyle.

Genopets Gameplay Guide

Staying active is only the beginning of the game in Genopets. Every day, gamers will reap the benefits of their daily movement by banking their steps and converting them to Energy, the fuel for all gaming. The foundation of Genopets is the bond you form with your digital pet, whose evolution and growth is intrinsically related to your own. Genopets is a Move-to-Earn game that focuses on caring for and exploring with your Genopet.

Genopets Tokenomics

GENE Token is the governance and staking token that is utilized for Genesis NFT sales, seasonal drops, and building expensive things in-game. Stake GENE to earn awards and in-game benefits.

  • Earn in-game perks and incentives such as reward pool GENE, private beta access, seasonal NFT drops, and future Energy enhancements by staking GENE.
  • Exclusive Genesis Drops - Use GENE Token to participate in seasonal NFT sales, future treasure hunts, Genesis NFT campaigns, and partnership drops.
  • Governance Voting - In the future, staking will be used to allow the community to vote on issues such as future token issuance and game mechanics.

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