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Hyperplay is a web3-native game launcher that allows players to carry their wallet, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), tokens, and achievements into each game they play. It’s an open-source, free-to-build-on platform that provides simple application programming interfaces (APIs) for transactions.

How Hyperplay Works

Solving the Wallet Interaction Problem

Like we just mentioned, Hyperplay addresses the wallet interaction problem faced by developers by allowing players to bring their wallet, NFTs, tokens, and achievements into every game. With simple APIs, developers can request transactions, signatures, or any web3 request, regardless of the player’s chosen wallet. This makes in-game wallet interactions seamless and intuitive.

This is a huge advantage over traditional gaming platforms, where such wallet interactions are either non-existent or very lagging. By making these interactions easy for everyone, Hyperplay imporves the gaming experience and opens up new possibilities for game developers.

Reversing the De-platforming of Game Developers

Hyperplay aims to reverse the de-platforming of game developers. De-platforming means the practice of removing games or developers from a platform, often due to violations of the platform’s terms of service. This can be a significant setback for game developers, especially those working on innovative or controversial projects.

By providing a platform that is open to all developers, Hyperplay ensures that innovative and diverse games can reach their audience. This is particularly important in the era of web3 gaming, where decentralization and openness are the core of every new project and game.

Countering Monopolistic Fees of Web2 Platforms

Hyperplay also takes aim at the monopolistic fees of web2 platforms. Traditional gaming platforms often charge high fees for hosting games, which can eat into the profits of game developers.

Hyperplay, on the other hand, takes no cut from game purchases or in-game transactions. This allows game developers to retain more of their earnings, making it a more attractive platform for them.

Providing a Web3-native Game Store and Aggregating Other Stores

Hyperplay provides a web3-native game store and totals the Epic Store and GOG. This means that games from these popular platforms can be launched directly from Hyperplay.

This feature gives developers even more freedom to choose the store that works best for them. It also provides gamers with a single platform where they can access games from multiple stores.

Hyperplay For Everyone

Game Developers

Hyperplay helps game developers by providing them with the tools they need to integrate blockchain technology into their games. It offers simple APIs for transactions and signatures, enabling developers to create games where players can carry their wallet, NFTs, tokens, and achievements across games.


For gamers, Hyperplay offers an easy gaming experience. It allows them to carry their wallet, NFTs, tokens, and achievements into every game. This enhances the gaming experience by introducing a blockchain-based economy with their own NFTs, tokens, and other digital assets.

Content Creators, YouTubers, and Streamers

Content creators, YouTubers, and streamers can leverage Hyperplay to reach a larger audience and grow their community across various platforms. Hyperplay’s powerful Web3 ecosystem allows them to seamlessly develop, distribute, and monetize their content.


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