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Old 80's Introduction

An assortment of NFT polaroids is called Old 80's. For this collection, the team produced a fun lore, style, and distinct look. They have concentrated on 1980s products, fashion, and interests. Every component is genuine and thoroughly researched. If there are any characters, the years 1980–1989 saw the height of their appeal. The same holds true for accessories, apparel, and other specifics.

Every NFT is distinct and produced by software using more than 350 potential attributes across 17 categories. Furthermore, certain characteristics are less prevalent, making NFTs more unique. Tokens are distributed in an entirely equitable manner. Nobody on our team is aware of who is getting what. There are no options for fraud or abusing insider information. The top-ranked blockchain auditing firm CertiK's smart contract audited it also.

Utility of Old 80's

Investigating the utility matter is one of our primary objectives. Therefore, we've packed a lot of fascinating stuff into the after-sale phase and the project roadmap. Of course, the main utility option in our blockchain games is benefits for holders of the Old 80s.

Storyline of Old 80's 

After doing some introspection, the hero Andy, made the decision to begin therapy. Andy assumes a different persona at the start of each session because he feels that he has finally discovered his calling. And every time a session concludes with him realizing he's discovered an issue...

The hilarious web series will follow Andy as he visits his therapist over the course of 24 episodes. We think Andy's searches will appeal to and resonate with everyone who has ever battled to find himself. The brief episode lengths will keep you interested, and the blend of Ms. Taylor's cerebral sarcasm and Andy's youthful spontaneity will give the project a distinct feel.


Gamers can join Andy in his crazy pastime in this entertaining and engaging arcade game. The gameplay is so captivating that players can't help but try their limits despite the game's relatively simple fundamentals.

However, the most intriguing aspect of Skater Andy is that while playing the game, players will win big prizes. And we do mean it when we say significant. For the most fortunate and accomplished players, prizes from our company's other initiatives or from all around the NFT world will be waiting!

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