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In the play-to-earn PVP horse racing game Pegaxy, users take on seven racers in an attempt to finish first. The elemental factors of wind, water, fire, speed, and other elements are randomly assigned to each race. Players must place in the top positions using skill, food, and strategic upgrades in order to receive the platform's utility token, VIS (Vigorus).

In-Game Token Info

In order to get VIS tokens and other in-game goodies, users can upgrade, merge, sell, and of course race their Pega in the game. When developing an NFT/Blockchain based game, this system has shown to be a smart long-term economic approach because it allows groups to create sizable guilds, offers scholarship opportunities, and even gives lone players the chance to earn in-game tokens through daily racing.

How to Earn in Pegaxy

Pega racers in multiplayer mode.
Offering top-notch Pega products on the market.
gathering rare NFT Pega and selling it by speculating on market prices.
Taking Part in Leaderboard Competitions

Pegaxy Gameplay 

Ahead of the race, get your Pega ready!
Upon starting the game, new users will be given a single, locked Pega for free, which they can use to battle other players on a designated track.
Choose a Pegaxy mode, then hit play to find players that have the same amount of Trophy points as you. While you wait for the lobby to fill up and the race to start, loading will start.
To put it simply, hit play.
The Trophies of the Pega that the player chooses to race will determine who gets matched.
The countdown will end, and then the race will start.

Pegaxy Fundamentals

Based on the Polygon/Matic Layer 2 Solution, the Pegaxy Metaverse makes use of the dual token economic model that Axie Infinity first presented in late 2020. As previously stated, the utility token is called VIS (Vigorus), and the governance token is called PGX (Pegaxy Stone).
The game was first released in 2D, but when testing was finished, it was converted to 3D. Once low-end Android device compatibility is verified, it will be further expanded.
Racing development is mostly focused on mobile games.
First and foremost, the in-game economic architecture must facilitate large-scale programmes and guild expansion. This opens up a lot of opportunities for anyone who wish to play the game for free. This greatly reflects the culture of our team.
The Pegaxy game direction will eventually be governed by community participation.

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