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Roblox: A Game Creation Platform


Roblox is a virtual platform where people can join together to create and share their gaming experiences. Tens of millions of people from all over the world visit the platform every day to explore, create, play, connect, communicate, and socialize in immersive digital experiences created by a worldwide community of creators.

Creators Community

Roblox is driven by a global community of millions of developers and creators who create their own immersive multiplayer experiences using the Studio. Their user-friendly desktop design tool is intuitive for game designing. The platform allows to build any experience you can think of.

A Gaming Studio or a Gaming Platform

While the firm behind the platform, Roblox Corporation, provides tools and infrastructure to facilitate game production, it is not a traditional gaming studio that creates its own games. Instead, it empowers a broad developer and player community to contribute to the platform's diverse and ever-expanding library of user-created games.

Roblox Avatar Tech

The platform enable creators to develop and sell entire avatar bodies and independent heads. Creators inventiveness has made the platform Marketplace more alive and active than anyone could have dreamed. Roblox keep providing with new tools for creation as well as opportunities to monetize the creative work.

Roblox Marketplace Standards

Roblox Marketplace Policies and Technical Requirements are as follows.

Modesty Layers

For safety, bodies must have modesty layers.

Size Requirements

For compatibility, bodies and heads have size constraints.

Separation of Components

Sell bodies and heads separately from accessories; no beards or tattoos are integrated.

Asset Limit for Heads

A maximum of three assets are permitted for heads.

Relationship between Head and Body

Bodies must include a head

heads can be submitted individually.

Pricing and Upload Fees

There is no upload charge or minimum price for bodies and heads.

Daily Limit

Creators can upload up to ten bodies and/or heads every day.

Group Limited Status

Bodies and heads cannot be formed as a group, nor can they be marked as Limited goods.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that guidelines are subject to change, so stay up to date to ensure compliance.


Evolving Platform for 3D Immersive Communication

Roblox is a global immersive platform that allows people to connect and communicate. Roblox make it easier to create personalized and expressive avatars. In immersive 3D experiences, these one-of-a-kind avatars allow users to completely engage with others. Because avatars represent a person's identity, the appearance of an avatar can vary as often as the user desires—in 2022, more than 10 million of daily active users modified their avatars every day.

Five Roblox Avatars


The latest tech stack allows new ways of communication and new technologies for avatar creation with more versatility and autonomy.


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