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Gaming Wearable Trends Across the Globe

Wearable gaming industry just keeps on coming up with more new tech and gadgets. In the past few years, so much has changed that it does not even seem real. So let’s take a walk in the world of these gaming wearables which have completely changed the gaming field as we know it.


Global wearable technology market (2022-2023)

Gaming wearable trends:

I feel like it would be a really idiotic thing to talk about the trends of wearables in the gaming world and not put AR and VR at the top. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have changed the gaming sector completely. And not just the traditional games, but in Web 3 games or other blockchain games where the system is decentralized, they have completely changed everything. AR puts digital elements in the real world, the most popular example of which would be Pokémon Go, while VR transports you to the virtual world, like Resident Evil 7.

There is also a great increase in fitness-based wearables, in which your wearables track your movement for the in-game assessment. These wearables, by motivating players to move more in their daily lives through in-game rewards and prizes, help people lead better and healthier lives. There are incentives, rewards, challenges, and levels that asses your performance, pushing you to lead a more active life. As someone who still has not come out of her lockdown laziness, these are a lifesaver.

There is more too. RP games, adventure games, and even puzzle games all use wearable technologies to increase their player retention and attract new players. Wearables make it very easy for players to interact in ways never seen before.

North America Wearable Gaming Tech Market:

This might not be a surprise for many, but North America is said to have the largest market for wearable gaming tech, with more and more people wanting advanced gaming accessories. This has created an increase in the demand for various gaming wearables like head-mounted displays, cloud computing, and motion-tracking devices and has even caused an increase in VR-based start-ups.

North America is assessed to have a significant share of 30.5% of the wearable gaming technology market, thus showing the highest growth in the area. In addition to the growing focus on developing haptic-enabled wearables, several factors contribute to North America’s significant share and expected growth in the wearable gaming technology market:

Technological Advancements:

North America, particularly the United States and Canada, is home to some of the world’s leading technology companies and research institutions. The region has a robust ecosystem for technological innovation, fostering the development of cutting-edge wearable gaming technologies.

Gaming Industry Hub:

North America has a thriving gaming industry with a large and diverse consumer base. The presence of major gaming companies, both hardware and software, contributes to the region’s dominance in the wearable gaming tech market. The demand for innovative and immersive gaming experiences is a driving force behind the adoption of advanced wearable technologies.

Consumer Affluence:

The relatively high disposable income levels in North America make it a lucrative market for premium and technologically advanced products, including wearable technology. Consumers in the region are often early adopters of new tech trends, further fueling the growth of the wearable gaming market.

Collaborations and Partnerships:

The region sees frequent collaborations between technology companies, gaming studios, and research institutions. These collaborations aim to combine expertise from different domains, accelerate product development, and bring innovative wearable gaming solutions to the market.

Rising Health and Fitness Consciousness:

The integration of health and fitness features into wearable gaming technology has become a trend. As consumers in North America increasingly prioritize health and wellness, wearable gaming devices that offer both entertainment and health monitoring capabilities gain popularity.

Supportive Regulatory Environment:

The regulatory environment in North America is often conducive to the development and adoption of new technologies. Regulatory bodies in the region may provide guidelines that encourage the responsible innovation of wearable gaming technology, fostering a positive market environment.

Marketing and Consumer Awareness:

Robust marketing strategies employed by companies in North America contribute to creating awareness and driving consumer interest in wearable gaming technology. This, coupled with the region’s tech-savvy population, boosts the adoption of these innovative devices.

Europe Wearable Gaming Tech. Market

The growth outlook for the European wearable gaming technology market is exceptionally promising, as the region presently commands a substantial global market share of 21.6%. Recent market research reports of Future Market Insights  indicate a further expansion of this share during the projected period, propelled by Europe’s rapid assimilation of technology and its proactive embrace of gaming sector innovations. There are many factors driving growth in Europe’s wearable gaming technology market:

Gaming Industry Renaissance:

Europe is experiencing a resurgence in its gaming industry, becoming a focal point for innovative gaming experiences. The surge in demand for these experiences creates a conducive environment for the wearable gaming technology market to thrive. Stakeholders are capitalizing on this gaming renaissance, presenting unique opportunities for sustained growth in the region.

Augmented Reality (AR) Adoption:

The adoption of AR headsets stands out as a key catalyst for growth in Europe’s wearable gaming technology market. AR technology, enhancing real-world environments with digital overlays, has gained substantial traction in the gaming sector. This not only captivates consumers but also provides manufacturers with new avenues for exploration and revenue generation, reinforcing Europe’s position as a pioneering player in AR-infused gaming.

Diversification Through Health Monitoring:

The incorporation of heart rate monitors into wearable gaming technology has brought a new dimension to the market. These monitors, capable of tracking physiological data, contribute to a more personalized and health-conscious gaming experience. The convergence of gaming and health monitoring aligns with the broader trend of holistic well-being, broadening the appeal of wearable gaming tech to a diverse audience in Europe.

Tech-Savvy Population and Innovation Hubs:

Europe’s position at the forefront of technology adoption is reinforced by its tech-savvy population and thriving innovation hubs. Furthermore, the region hosts cutting-edge research institutions and technology companies, fostering an ecosystem for the continuous development of advanced wearable technologies. This tech prowess is a significant driver of Europe’s dominance in the global wearable gaming technology market.

Collaborative Ecosystem:

Similar to North America, Europe boasts a collaborative ecosystem characterized by partnerships between technology companies, gaming studios, and research institutions. In addition, these collaborations leverage diverse expertise, accelerate product development, and bring forward innovative wearable gaming solutions. The collaborative spirit contributes significantly to Europe’s substantial market share and foreseen growth in the wearable gaming technology landscape.

Holistic Well-Being Trend:

Europe’s embrace of the broader trend of promoting holistic well-being aligns seamlessly with the convergence of gaming and health monitoring. As consumers increasingly prioritize a balanced lifestyle, wearable gaming devices offering both entertainment and health features gain popularity. This trend reinforces Europe’s position as a dynamic and influential player in the global gaming technology market.

Asia Wearable Gaming Tech. Market

The Asia Pacific region is poised to become a thriving hub for the wearable gaming technology market, experiencing remarkable revenue growth throughout the forecast period. Several factors contribute to this optimistic outlook, positioning the region as a key focal point for industry players seeking lucrative opportunities.

Moreover, Asia’s significant share and expected growth in the wearable gaming technology market are underpinned by a combination of diverse factors, shaping the region into a key player in this burgeoning industry.

Diverse Gaming Preferences:

Asia boasts a rich tapestry of gaming preferences, ranging from traditional to cutting-edge. The surging popularity of casual and hyper-casual games, characterized by their simplicity and accessibility, resonates exceptionally well with the varied tastes of the population. This diversity in gaming preferences creates a robust demand for a wide array of gaming technologies.

Rapid Internet Adoption:

The remarkable growth in internet use across Asia is a pivotal factor contributing to the expansion of the wearable gaming technology market. As more individuals gain access to high-speed internet and digital services, the potential user base for wearable gaming tech widens significantly. This trend is particularly pronounced in emerging economies, fostering a tech-savvy population eager to explore innovative gaming solutions.

Smartphone Adoption and Integration:

The widespread adoption of smartphones in Asia plays a central role in driving the demand for wearable gaming technology. With a considerable portion of the population relying on smartphones for various daily activities, including gaming, communication, and entertainment, the synergy between smartphones and gaming wearables becomes increasingly relevant. This integration creates a favorable environment for the adoption of wearable gaming accessories, such as smartwatches and augmented reality (AR) devices.

Economic Growth and Increasing Disposable Income:

The region’s economic growth, particularly in countries like China, India, and Southeast Asian nations, contributes to an increase in disposable income. As a result, consumers in Asia are more inclined to invest in premium and technologically advanced products, including wearable gaming technology. This rising affluence fosters a lucrative market for innovative gaming accessories.

Young Demographics and Gaming Culture:

Asia has a predominantly young population with a vibrant gaming culture especially China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia,  and India. The enthusiasm for gaming is deeply embedded in the social fabric, making wearable technology an attractive proposition. The younger demographic’s openness to adopting new tech trends and their active engagement in gaming activities further amplify the market potential in the region.

Government Initiatives and Support:

Due to community interest, multibillion dollar industry and many other reasons, the governments are actively participating in the gaming and technology sectors through supportive initiatives and policies. Consequently, this proactive stance encourages the responsible innovation of wearable technology and fosters a positive market environment. Moreover, collaboration between the public and private sectors contributes significantly to the growth and sustainability of the industry.


Gaming wearables are seeing a great trend shift all across the globe. Ever since Web 3 games, decentralized gaming systems, and crypto games have taken up the gaming space, these wearables have become even more popular. What do you guys think about this?

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