Latest Gaming News: Amazon and Gods Unchained Collab and much more!

WEEKLY GAMING NEWS UPDATES! So if there is anything big happening in the gaming industry, know about it right here. While our main focus is the web 3 gaming world, which if you want to know more about head on here: Crypto-verse, that does not mean we will be ignoring the other parts. It’s all under the same umbrella. So in this week, we’ve got Web3 joining the mass market, Forbes pushing boundaries, OpenSea & Thirdweb joining hands and much more, so let’s get to it!

Amazon Prime Gaming Collaboration: Gods Unchained Season 2 – Far Horizons:

First up in our list of latest gaming news, Gods Unchained, the block chain-based trading card game developed by Immutable Games, a Web3 game developer, are now Amazon Prime Gaming partners. Exclusive in-game content will be added to the game.

God’s unchained prime package

Gods Unchained has also launched its second season, “Far Horizons,” featuring newly added God Powers, improved graphics, and a visual enhancements, and a substantial expansion set called “Tides of Fate”.

Also, Gods Unchained’s vice president and executive producer, Daniel Paez, expressed the interest about the partnership and said that Season 2 will drastically change the game’s meta and strategy. The expansion set “Tides of Fate” includes 142 collectible cards and introduces a novel manasurge mechanism that bestows extra effects on cards when players generate a specific amount of mana in a single turn. In order to support their faction’s growth and have an impact on legendary cards and decorative card backs, players must select between the Dragons and the Mechs. According to legend, there is a battle for crystals in The Shimmering Atlant, a vast oceanic region that resembles Atlantis.

Animoca Brands: Revolutionizing Web3 Gaming with Strategic Partnerships

Animoca Brands is also on our list of latest gaming news, making waves with two game-changing partnerships that promise to revolutionize digital gameplay. Teaming up with Pixels and The Open Network (TON), Animoca is leading the charge in creating immersive blockchain experiences and fostering collaboration among Web3 technologies. Moca ID holders can now unlock the virtual haven known as the Moca Clubhouse, featuring new game loops and rewards. Pixels CEO Luke Barwikowski expressed enthusiasm, citing it as “the biggest rewards we’ve ever done in Pixels.” The addition of exclusive pets available only through the Moca Clubhouse enhances the gaming experience, propelling Pixels’ growth with over 150,000 Unique Active Wallets and 100,000 Daily Active Users (DAUs) since the switch to Ronin.

Simultaneously, Animoca Brands has become the largest validator in the TON ecosystem, marking a strategic shift toward building blockchain infrastructure. The investment is directed at TON Play, a platform facilitating the launch of blockchain games on Telegram. This move is perceived as a pivotal step in connecting Web2 and Web3, simplifying the transition for millions of users.

At the core of Animoca Brands’ investment lies TON Play, a gaming infrastructure platform enabling developers to deploy blockchain games directly on Telegram. With over 800 million active users, Telegram’s extensive reach promises to introduce new gaming experiences to a vast audience. The article explores how TON Play could seamlessly integrate Web3 into the daily lives of Telegram users, democratizing access to blockchain gaming.

Level Up with Forbes and Galxe!

Forbes pushing the boundaries with partnership with Galxe to establish a thriving community by fusing the immersive Web3 capabilities with the well-known Forbes brand. Unveiling the all-new @ForbesWeb3 X channel, Forbes is gearing up to captivate audiences with a series of quests set to launch on the electrifying Galxe platform starting December 4. This exciting partnership is the latest addition to Forbes’ venture into the realm of Web3, following a lineup of initiatives like a dazzling 1:1 digital cover on Nifty Gateway in 2021, an exclusive virtual party on Sandbox in 2022, and even a Forbes store at the 2023 Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week.

The cherry on top? Progressing through these tasks earns participants points, allowing them to climb the leaderboard and become part of a vibrant community.Not just this, but Forbes has crafted a reward structure that goes beyond the ordinary. Top achievers in the campaign can expect exclusive perks, from complimentary Forbes subscriptions to premium Forbes-branded merchandise, ensuring that the adventure comes with tangible and exciting benefits.

Taha Ahmed, Forbes’ Chief Growth Officer, shares the excitement, stating, “We continuously strive to enhance the value we offer to our members – be it in the physical world, the Web2 space, or the emerging landscape of Web3.” Ahmed adds, “Our collaboration with Galxe is rooted in a shared vision of pushing the boundaries of traditional loyalty programs.” Get ready to level up and join Forbes on this exhilarating journey into the future of digital engagement!

OpenSea & Thirdweb Unite to Shield NFTs: Proactive Response to Critical Smart Contract Vulnerability!

OpenSea, a leading NFT marketplace, is taking decisive action to help NFT owners affected by a security issue related to Thirdweb, a well-known Web3 development tool platform. The security issue, discovered in open-source libraries on November 20, specifically affects versions 1.0.3 and above of the AirdropERC20 contract, as well as versions 1.0.4 and above of the ERC721 and ERC1155 contracts from Thirdweb. This has raised concerns in the NFT and wider Web3 communities.

In response to the security issue, OpenSea has quickly launched a comprehensive outreach program. The program is designed to directly interact with affected NFT owners, offering support and guidance during the necessary contract migration. OpenSea is using its technical knowledge to ensure a smooth migration process, thereby strengthening trust in its platform.

Despite the vulnerability in Thirdweb’s smart contracts, OpenSea reassures users that key services such as wallet, payment, and infrastructure services are not affected and continue to function as usual.

T10 Global Teams Up with Snowball Money for Revolutionary Cricket Fan Rewards in Crypto!

T10 Global, the brains behind the popular 10-over cricket league, has made a ground-breaking move by partnering with Snowball Money to open up the world of cryptocurrencies and Web3 opportunities for cricket fans.  This introduces a new fan interaction programme delivering physical and digital prizes as part of a go-to-market strategy targeted at awarding over 1 billion cricket lovers worldwide.

By scanning QR codes displayed during tournament matches on TV and digital media, or through official Abu Dhabi T10 social media platforms, fans can access a digital world of rewards. T10 Global goes the extra mile by offering fans exclusive virtual interactions with their cricketing heroes. This entails familiarizing oneself with players, obtaining signed jerseys, owning the bats used in games, and acquiring various “physical” prizes.

QR codes, embedded within the cricket-watching experience and strategically placed on screens during tournament broadcasts can be a seamless bridge between the virtual and physical worlds. The collaboration between Snowball Money and T10 Global not only introduces cricket fans to the world of Cryptocurrency and Web3 but also facilitates global participation.


Top Play to Earn Games in this week


This December is a big month for one of the market’s oldest Web3 gaming projects, the trading card game Splinterlands. The company has now published the first round of Land gameplay, in which users stake DEC tokens to harvest resources. In addition, the Rebellion set will be released and available for purchase on December 5th. This means having additional cards and novel strategies to outsmart your competitors. The value of the game currency DEC climbed by 7% to $0.000978 in November, while the price of the SPS governance token increased by 58% to $0.02.


In the action role-playing game ChronoForge, players can build and shape the game environment, accomplish quests, and go on raids with one another. In December, ChronoForge will incorporate additional mounts into the game world.  Beginning on December 8th, owners of Airships will be able to request air attacks, revives, or supplies through the NFT mint sale of Airships. The ability of airships to produce RIFT tokens offers participants a strong inducement to participate. Equipping your ships with Adventurer NFTs increases the yield.

Axie Infinity

This week is a monumental one for Axie Infinity, the market’s leading fantasy creature battle and collect game. The game, which operates on the blockchain, has seen a surge in popularity, with players drawn to its unique gameplay and the opportunity to own Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The game’s strong social media presence, boasting over 3.4 million followers, has also played a significant role in its success. Available on both PC and mobile, Axie Infinity offers players a versatile gaming experience that they can enjoy from virtually anywhere.


Not far behind is Onirium, a strategy game that has players hooked with its engaging territory building gameplay. Like Axie Infinity, Onirium operates on the blockchain and offers NFTs, adding an extra layer of excitement for players. The game, which is available on PC and console, has amassed a strong social media following of over 2.2 million. This week, Onirium has further cemented its place as a top-tier game, offering players a unique and immersive gaming experience.

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