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Free P2E Android Games List You Need To Check Today

Crypto games are downright the most groundbreaking uses of cryptocurrency. It all started in 2017 with crypto kitties, and ever since then, countless P2E games have been launched, making it easier for people to not just make some extra cash while playing but also generate entire livelihoods from these games. While some games have been dominating the industry for the past few years, there are some that are totally free to play simply on your phone. This means you can earn cash through this Free P2E android games list on your phone, so let’s check them out now!

Free P2E android games list:

League of Kingdoms

I feel like this game needs no introduction but for the sake of those who might be new here, League of Kingdoms is a strategy game involving looting and plundering your opponents. It has cemented its reputation as a pioneering and iconic MMO (massively multiplayer online) strategy game. For those who might be new here, it offers an exhilarating blend of looting, plundering, and strategy, taking players on an epic journey through the realms of kingdom-building, alliance formation, and fierce battles for supremacy.

League of Kingdoms
League of Kingdoms

What sets League of Kingdoms apart from the crowd is the integration of virtual assets that have real-world implications. Within this digital Realm, your every decision can have a serious impact on the game world and even extend to tangible investments. Notably, players have the opportunity to acquire ownership of in-game assets through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), allowing them to truly own a piece of the virtual kingdom they’ve worked so hard to build.

Intriguingly, dragons play a pivotal role in this dynamic ecosystem. Players can train and command these mythical creatures, not just for the thrill of having dragons in their armies but also to earn DST (the game’s native cryptocurrency) in the process, adding a layer of financial incentive to strategic decision-making. Speaking of DST, it’s not just confined to dragon rewards. This cryptocurrency is used for various in-game transactions and trading, enabling players to engage in a vibrant and dynamic player-driven economy within the League of Kingdoms universe.


Splinterlands is on the top of the Free P2E android games list and rightfully so. It is a fantastic game on the Hive blockchain. Just like the name suggests, it’s all about fantasy – with magical creatures, spells, and epic battles. People even call it “the next generation of collectible card games,” which means it’s something really special.


What sets Splinterlands apart is its huge collection of cards – more than 100 of them! You can collect these cards and then use them to have exciting battles with players from all around the world. It’s like a worldwide card game showdown!

But here’s the cool part: when you get these cards, they’re not just for show. You actually own them as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This means you have real ownership of them, and you can use them to fight for rewards, keep them as cool collectibles, or even trade them with other players in the game’s market. It’s like having a digital card collection that’s really yours.

There’s also a special token in the game called SPS. It’s not just any token; it’s a governance token. This means players have a say in how the game works and evolves. It’s like having a say in the rules of the game.

Now, there’s a little thing to know before you jump in. To start playing Splinterlands, you’ll need to spend $10 on something called a “summoner’s spellbook” and get 3,000 credits. It’s a small cost to enter this magical world, and once you’re in, the adventure begins


Realm is another exciting multiplayer grand strategy game where you get to build your very own kingdom from the ground up. It’s all about forming alliances with other players to boost your strength in this virtual world. The game’s primary goal is to restore order to a world that’s plunged into chaos, and it does so with a captivating medieval design.


What makes Realm even more intriguing is its connection to the WAX blockchain, a technology that underpins the game’s mechanics. To dive into this Realm, players need a WAX Cloud Wallet or Anchor, making it easy to access and manage your in-game assets and progress.

Now, let’s talk about RLM, the in-game tokens that make the virtual world of Realm go round. You can earn these tokens through various actions, such as gathering resources, unlocking new regions, and leveling up your character. What’s great about RLM is that it’s not just a number on your screen; it’s a valuable resource you can use to make your kingdom stronger and more efficient. Want to speed up those upgrades? You can use RLM. Looking to level up your leaders for better results? RLM can help with that, too. Plus, they open the door to unlocking exciting new game features, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging.

So, in Realm, you’re not only the ruler of your kingdom but also the master of your destiny with RLM in your hands. As you gather resources, explore new territories, and level up, these tokens become your trusted companions on your journey to restore order in a world beset by chaos.

Meta Apes

Meta Apes, a Web3 game set in a post-apocalyptic world, invites players into a realm where humans have vanished, leaving the planet under the rule of apes. In this unique and intriguing digital landscape, the survival and success of players hinge on their ability to navigate and dominate the vast expanse of this post-apocalyptic setting.


What makes Meta Apes truly captivating is the diverse array of Meta Apes themselves. Each Meta Ape boasts its own set of distinctive traits and abilities, creating a diverse and dynamic ecosystem. Moreover, these traits and abilities can be upgraded, allowing players to fine-tune their Meta Apes to suit their strategies and preferences.

The central objective of the game revolves around achieving dominance in this desolate world. Players are tasked with collaborating within their respective clans to compete in a high-stakes race to conquer the final frontier: space. This mission adds a thrilling layer of competition and camaraderie as alliances are forged and tested in the quest for supremacy.

Meta Apes employs a dual token model that underpins its in-game economy. SHELL serves as the primary in-game currency, facilitating the purchase of vital resources and assets essential for your ape’s survival and advancement. On the other hand, PEEL takes on the role of the governance token, offering players the opportunity to stake and participate in the governance of the game. This dual token system creates a balanced dynamic, ensuring that players can not only thrive within the game but also contribute to its ongoing development and direction.

Crazy Defense Heroes

If you’re a fan of tower defense games, Crazy Defense Heroes is a must-try. This game takes the tower defense concept to a whole new level by adding the exciting element of collectible cards and strategy development. Your mission is crystal clear: protect your tower from relentless hordes of menacing monsters. But how? Well, it’s all about crafting a cunning strategy and growing your kingdom.

Crazy Defense Heroes
Crazy Defense Heroes

As you embark on your tower defense journey, you’ll discover the power of collectible cards. These cards aren’t just your average playing cards; they’re your ticket to customizing your defense strategy and fortifying your tower against the oncoming onslaught of monsters. Every card you collect adds a new layer of depth to your tactical prowess, making it not just a battle of wits but a battle of strategy as well.

But that’s not all that’s fascinating about Crazy Defense Heroes. The Ethereum blockchain powers its very own utility token called TOWER. TOWER isn’t just some digital currency; it’s the key to unlocking a world of possibilities within the Crazy Defense Heroes universe. You can use it to acquire coveted NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) tied to the game, giving you a real stake in this fantastical Realm. Plus, TOWER tokens grant you access to special cards for events and tournaments, where you can test your defense skills against other players.

But there’s more to TOWER than meets the eye. It also doubles as a governance token, meaning it’s your voice in the decision-making process of the Crazy Defense Heroes community. You get to vote on matters that shape the game’s future, making you a true part of the game’s evolution.


In conclusion, the world of crypto games has emerged as a groundbreaking use of cryptocurrencies, offering players not only exciting gaming experiences but also the potential to earn real-world value. The games on this free P2E android games list not only offer entertaining gameplay but also demonstrate the transformative potential of blockchain technology in the gaming industry, providing players with opportunities to not only play but also truly own and influence the virtual worlds they explore. So, whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newcomer, the world of crypto games is ripe for exploration and rewards.


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