Best app to earn money without investment

Top 5 best app to earn money by playing games without investment

You might know that play-to-earn NFT games are computer games with NFT in their system which allows the player to earn money. These NFTs run on smart contracts stored in a blockchain, serving and in-game assets and tokens. When players get these NFTs, which could be in different cryptocurrencies based on every different game, they can use these in the game for various things like upgrading, buying things, unlocking things, etc., or selling these to other players. It is a very vast system which allows you to make money without leaving your house, and I am here to make it even better for you by telling you best app to earn money by playing games without investment and how to do it.

How to earn money in NFT games

Now, some of you might be wondering how you can earn actual money through the games without any investment. There are a few ways to go about it:

The primary and perhaps most popular route is selling the NFTs you acquire within the game. Many games offer missions and quests that yield NFTs as rewards. You can also earn NFTs by leveling up in certain games. These digital assets can be promptly sold in real time, transforming your virtual treasures into tangible money.

Another avenue is trading the game’s native cryptocurrency. In the realm of NFT games, participants often receive cryptocurrency for engaging in in-game activities. This virtual currency can be saved and traded later for real-world funds.

The third option on your financial quest is to stake the game’s cryptocurrency. Some gaming platforms provide the opportunity to stake the cryptocurrency you’ve earned during your gaming adventures, allowing you to accrue additional assets over time.

However, a word of caution is needed. While these methods offer opportunities for financial gain without an upfront investment, they do come with a cost of a different kind – your time. The pursuit of monetary rewards in the gaming world may require a significant time commitment, potentially turning the once-enjoyable game into a repetitive chore. Balancing the fun and the financial gain is essential, ensuring that your gaming experience remains rewarding on multiple levels. So, roll up your sleeves, embark on your gaming journey, and let your virtual endeavors pave the way to real-world prosperity.


Best app to earn money by playing games without investment


One standout platform in the world of gaming and NFTs is “The Sandbox,” which is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is one of the best best app to earn money by playing games without investment. It’s like a virtual playground, kind of like Minecraft but with pixel graphics. What makes it cool is that you can both play games and create and make money with your own stuff.


Here’s what’s special about The Sandbox:

  1. User Creations: You get to make your own games and worlds. If you’re into fantasy lands or exciting adventures, you can bring your ideas to life.
  2. Make Money: The coolest part is that you can turn your game creations into real assets that you can sell. It’s like turning your game characters and virtual things into valuable collectibles using NFTs.
  3. Easy Creation Tools: The Sandbox provides tools to create 3D models, animations, and other cool stuff for your game world. You don’t need to be a computer whiz to use them.
  4. Marketplace: You can sell your creations on The Sandbox’s store. Other gamers can buy them using cryptocurrency or trade them for other cool virtual things.
  5. Community Fun: The Sandbox is not just about playing solo. You can team up with other creators, build things together, or just hang out in the virtual world.

Gods Unchained

If you’re on the lookout for games that let you earn real money without spending a dime upfront, “Gods Unchained” is a name that deserves your attention. This fantasy-themed tactical trading card game operates on the Ethereum blockchain, with Immutable X as its trading platform. For fans of games like Magic: the Gathering and Hearthstone, “Gods Unchained” offers an enticing blend of strategic gameplay, stunning graphics, and an exciting NFT ecosystem.

Gods Unchained
Gods Unchained

Here are some key features that make “Gods Unchained” stand out:

  1. Fantasy Theme: Dive into a captivating world filled with gods, mythical creatures, and epic battles. The game’s fantasy theme adds a rich and immersive layer to the gameplay.
  2. Tactical Card Battles: The gameplay of “Gods Unchained” revolves around tactical card battles. You’ll need to strategically build your deck, summon powerful creatures, and cast spells to outwit your opponents.
  3. Beautiful Graphics: The game boasts impressive visuals that bring the cards and characters to life, enhancing your gaming experience.
  4. NFTs Everywhere: In “Gods Unchained,” every card and character is an NFT. This means that each in-game item has real-world value, and you can buy, sell, or trade them as you see fit.
  5. Play to Earn: The beauty of “Gods Unchained” is that you can earn cryptocurrency by playing and winning matches. As you accumulate valuable NFT cards, you have the potential to turn your virtual assets into real money

We have guide for those of you who want to check it out: God’s unchained gameplay guide


For those with a passion for both football and blockchain, Sorare game is a winning combination as one of the best app to earn money by playing games without investment. Operating on the Ethereum blockchain, it’s a football-themed collectible card game that features NFT cards bearing the likenesses of popular real-life football players. What sets it apart is the ability to dive into the game with a strong start, as you receive your first five cards for free, making you ready to join virtual tournaments without any upfront costs.


Here are some highlights that make this game worth exploring:

  1. Football Fantasy: If you’re a football enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the chance to immerse yourself in a virtual world of football collectibles. These NFT cards capture the essence of popular real-life players.
  2. Free Starter Pack: The game offers a generous starting point by providing five cards at no cost. This means you can kick off your gaming experience without needing to spend any money.
  3. NFT Partnerships: The game developers have partnered with well-known football clubs to create NFT cards featuring real football players. This partnership adds an exciting element of authenticity to the game.
  4. Virtual Tournaments: With your free starting cards, you can engage in virtual tournaments, putting your football knowledge and strategy to the test. Winning these tournaments can lead to rewards and, potentially, real-world earnings.

Crypto Kitties

In the world of NFT gaming, “Crypto Kitties” stands as a true trailblazer. This Ethereum-based virtual pet game remains not just alive but boasts a devoted fan base, making it a classic choice for those interested in the intersection of blockchain technology, NFTs, and gaming.

Crypto Kitties

What sets it apart is:

  1. A Virtual Pet Phenomenon: At its core, “Crypto Kitties” is a virtual pet game like no other. Players are not collecting mundane digital objects; they are amassing a collection of adorable, cryptographically unique virtual cats. Each of these virtual felines is an NFT, making it a unique and scarce asset in the digital realm.
  2. Breeding and Trading: The heart of “Crypto Kitties” lies in its breeding and trading mechanics. Players can breed their kitties to create entirely new and distinct offspring, each with its own unique traits. The game’s genetic algorithm adds an element of surprise and strategy to the breeding process. This uniqueness and individuality make kitties highly sought after in the trading market, creating a dynamic ecosystem.
  3. Blockchain Security: “Crypto Kitties” leverages the Ethereum blockchain to guarantee the security and authenticity of these virtual pets. The decentralized nature of the blockchain guarantees ownership and provenance, a key factor in establishing the rarity and value of each kitty.
  4. A Thriving Marketplace: Much like other NFT games, “Crypto Kitties” has a bustling marketplace. Players can list their kitties for sale, and collectors from all over the world eagerly scoop up these unique digital assets. Prices can be anywhere between a few dollars to big sums of money, depending on the rarity of traits and generation.

Crazy Kings

If you’re on the hunt for games the best app to earn money by playing games without investment, “Crazy Kings” is also a blockchain-powered gem worth exploring. This game masterfully blends the immensely popular genres of tower defense and collectible card games. Fueled by the Ethereum blockchain, “Crazy Kings” offers an expansive gaming experience with over 600 levels, and it’s continuously evolving to keep players engaged.

Crazy Kings

Here’s a closer look at what makes “Crazy Kings” a unique gaming experience:

  1. Tower Defense and Cards: “Crazy Kings” marries the strategic depth of tower defense with the collectible allure of card games. As a player, you’ll need to strategically deploy your cards to defend against waves of foes and conquer challenging levels.
  2. Vast Gameplay: With a library of more than 600 levels, “Crazy Kings” offers hours of engaging gameplay. Whether you’re a tower defense enthusiast or a card game aficionado, there’s something here to captivate your gaming senses.
  3. Blockchain Integration: By operating on the Ethereum blockchain, “Crazy Kings” introduces a layer of transparency and ownership to in-game assets. Your cards and progress are represented as NFTs, which can be bought, sold, and traded, allowing you to capitalize on your virtual prowess.
  4. iOS Availability: While “Crazy Kings” is currently exclusive to iOS, its global appeal is evident through more than 1 million downloads worldwide. The game’s popularity and positive reception among gamers highlight its potential as a money-earning gaming haven.
  5. Continuous Evolution: The game is not static; it’s a dynamic universe that’s constantly evolving. New updates, content, and challenges keep players hooked and invested in their in-game journey.


And that’s the end everyone. With these games, you can earn money with no upfront investment. And the best part is that there is something for everyone. Whether you like strategy games, card games, fighting or whatever else, you will find something for you. Which one is your favorite? Let me know by commenting below.


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