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Blockchain Monster Hunt

Blockchain Monster Hunt (BCMH) is the world's first multi-chain game that is completely run on the blockchain. BCMH, inspired by Pokémon-GO, allows players to continuously explore brand-new blockchain locales to hunt and combat monsters. Each blockchain block is a distinct digital region with a finite number of Monsters (of the same DNA gene and rarity). Players and collectors can hunt or combat for a chance to catch and win rewards from these unique Monsters.

NFT and blockchain games have recently grown in popularity. However, none of the games currently available on the market truly embrace a fully decentralised ecosystem and a fully on-chain experience, which should be the core nature of blockchain gaming.


The ultimate goal of players, known as Blockchain Defenders, is to fight and hunt down terrible monsters in order to keep them from contaminating the multiverse.

Blockchain Monster Hunt Gameplay Guide

  • Monster capture and sale on the Marketplace
  • Battle monsters to win rewards for each victory.
  • Idle monsters can be staked using our Monster Council Program to earn passive energy that can be claimed at any time.
  • Try your hand at Gem Mining game mode. Players can win large rewards, including a monster NFT if they own a Genesis Monster, with only one click.

Monster Species 

There are 22 Genesis Monsters, 500 Wild Monsters, an unknown number of manufactured Monster species, one Chain Mascot. Monsters of the same species have similar appearances, Elemental Types, Rarities, and some battle skills.
Wild Monster species are split into 50 genus groupings, each with ten Monster species. The rarity of a species is determined by its genus-group, and all species of the same genus have the same rarity. The greater the genus number, the more rare the Monster.

Monster Elements
Monsters Elements


Cross Chain Portal

The in-house cross-chain site enables gamers to easily move BCMC and Monster NFTs between blockchains. Each porting will incur a fee, which will be collected in BCMC. The player has the option of converting BCMC to their target native chain currency to pay for the target chain's petrol fees. This service enables players to join the new chain quickly and easily.
The game will first be available on ETH, BSC, and Polygon. In BCMH V2, it will expand to Heco, Moonriver, and Ambros (our in-house EVM chain). Non-EVM chains will be added later.

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