Frontier Realms: Zero

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Frontier Realms: Zero

"Frontier Realms Zero" takes place on the enigmatic continent of "Aeloria." Aeloria is divided into five great kingdoms:
Dieudonne's Kingdom:

A country enveloped in continuous darkness, full of mystery and the unknown. Its residents have grown accustomed to living in the dark and are intrigued by the light of other realms.
Calaadia Kingdom:

An eternally sunny nation of immense deserts and ancient pyramids. The people here are used to high temperatures and severe sun, and they are adept at locating resources for survival in the desert.
Ledell Kingdom:

This vast rainforest is home to both elves and monsters. It is a mystical and dynamic kingdom due to the towering trees and rich foliage.

Phoenix Kingdom:

A nation regenerated from its own ashes, much like the fabled phoenix. The people of this region routinely celebrate renewal and revere the power of rebirth and regeneration.
Minas United:

Magic pervades every facet of daily life in this fascinating country. The occupants are experienced spellcasters who want to learn more about magic."

Frontier Realms Zero Gameplay guide
Frontier Realms Gameplay


Frontier Realms Gameplay 

The Kingdom vs Kingdom (KvK) conflict is the ultimate test of might and strategy in Aeloria. Each of the five kingdoms will put their greatest players against one another in epic 70-vs-70 fights for control, resources, and honor.

Web3 Frontier Realms Gameplay

Digital Asset Ownership:

With the incorporation of Web3 technology, users now have complete ownership of their in-game objects and assets. This means that players can trade or sell their products in real-world markets for real-world profits.

Smart Contracts and Governance:

Smart contracts can be used by players and kingdoms to create alliances, sign treaties, and engage in other governance operations. This takes in-game diplomacy to new heights, allowing for more complicated and meaningful exchanges.

Play to Earn

By participating in kingdom activities, wars, and other in-game duties, players can earn real-world currency, creating an economic cycle within the game.


Frontier Realms: Zero 0 reviews

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