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Star Atlas

A virtual gaming metaverse set in the year 2620 is called Star Atlas.
Three main factions have developed in this far-off future:

(1) the human-ruled MUD Territory

(2) the consortium of alien races that makes up the ONI Region

(3) the sentient android-controlled Ustur Sector.

These groups are engaged in a continuous conflict over territory, resources, and political dominance. As a member of Star Atlas' group, you will have the power to shape how this interstellar battle turns out and have the chance to be rewarded for your efforts. This outlines the journey that awaits new gamers.

Blockchain Game

The metaverse offers a distinct gaming experience by fusing blockchain technology with classic core games.

Core Game Mechanics of Star Atlas

  •  Space exploration as a grand plan
  • Control of land and territory
  •  Fleet and vehicle management, encompassing a wide range of spacecraft
  •  Space mining and terrestrial mining
  •  Missions: Player vs Environment
  •  Player against Player battle
  •  Dynamic career system using specific gear
  •  Integrated Unreal Engine 5
  •  VR ready

Blockchain Mechanics

Blockchain is a network-secured, decentralized, immutable database. A network is more secure the larger it is. The data it contains can represent a digital version of a physical item since it is decentralized and unchangeable. As a result, property held on a blockchain is immutable. As a result, it becomes a feasible blockchain use case. However, the team intends to represent the assets in Star Atlas using a nonfungible blockchain units.

Technology Employed 

With more than ten years of development, Nanite graphics technology is scheduled for introduction in 2021. Polygons have been a real-time rendering bandwidth constraint until Nanite. Nanite compression allows to manage billions of polygon users and simulate real-time settings worthy of high quality.

Get Ready for the Grand Strategy

Video games in the grand strategy genre promote claim staking in order to establish strategic commerce routes and grow your empire via the use of both offensive and defensive tactical maneuvers. In this mode, the map view, also known as the Star Atlas, is the main interface through which the player interacts with a dynamic overview of the explored and unexplored portions of space.

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